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Menwith action, gate 2 report

anarchoteapot and buddelflink | 23.03.2004 16:52 | Anti-militarism

A report on what went on at the Nessfield gate (gate 2) from Lancaster posse...

cuffed in middle of the road
cuffed in middle of the road

held at the side of road
held at the side of road front of the gate at least! front of the gate at least!

WE arrived at the gate after having being stopped by a police cruiser/land rover. Luckily we were pointing away from the base for a last toilet break. Our excuse, that we were heading back to Leeds after a party, was unconvincingly accepted. We got to the gate at ten to five, and were met by the sight of numerous police vehicles and a line of cops blocking the gate. We piled out, and as none of our three rigorously practice plans seemed to apply, tried to get in front of the gate to lock onto each other (6 people had arm tubes on, 6 more as support/legals obs/first aiders), the cops ran straight at us and grabbed hold of everyone (about 15 cops). Two remained 'floppy' in the road in front of the gates, others were dragged to the side of the road. The cops were from West Yorkshire and appeared to have no idea of what they were supposed to be doing, they held onto people for up to an hour but at no point announced that people were under arrest, or suggested what charges might be brought. A protester still on the road was manhandled badly, cuffed behind his back and lifted by the cuffs. His screams seemed to ensure that they didn't try those tactics on anyone else. Eventually, with most people having unclipped from their tubes voluntarily, people were dragged one by one across the road (until it was pointed out that they should carry) and behind a prison van. Here a female was searched by a male officer until shouting stopped this abuse. Police also stopped someone with a legal observer bib from going anywhere near the scene, and a first aider who turned up had all their pockets searched, we have this on video too, to a chorus of 'we all live in a fascist regime' in the background..! People had their pocket contents removed before getting into the prison van (another breach of PACE?) and thankfully the 5 lancaster people were then driven straight to harrogate cop shp, unlike some others. We still protested that we hadn't been arrested or charged when being booked in. The others remaining at the gate managed to tie up police for another few hours before making their way to the main gate and the main demo. People were told their charge would be 'possessing articles with the intent of causing criminal damage' (catch-all for the day), but all were released between 1.15 and 4.30pm. Next time, we'll have to lock on THEN try to get to the gate!! Statements have been written by most, will send to yorks CND along with pix and video evidence, we plan to sue for wrongful arrest and imprisonment.


anarchoteapot and buddelflink