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Eviction resistance in Kentish Town (now!)

R2R | 23.03.2004 11:19 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

An attempted eviction of a squatters living in flats over the co-op supermarket in Kentish Town is currently being resisted.... (11:45am Tuesday 23rd)

About two dozen people are staging a roof top protest to frustrate attempts by balifs to evict people from their home in flats above the co-op supmarket in Kentish Town. With a root top gazebo, music and a warming fire, the protesters have baracaded the building and await the balifs next move. The ballifs arrive around 10am, numbering about 10 they assesed the situation and called the police. On arriving the police talked about possible statigies then left. The ballifs are now trying to arrange to get a cherry picker (crane) in to lift them up to the roof or ballcony in order to storm the building. Once inside the building they intend to remove the barrades and let in the police. There is the possibility that they intend to attempt to smash through the barracaded doors at the same time.

The building has been home to this group of squatters for several months having been left empty since the building was used as hostels for asylum seekers being processed.

One of the protesters said, "If anyone fancies showing solidarity with these us and perhaps helping us resist this evicition, get down to Kentish Town. Turn left exiting the tube station and were over the co-op about 200 yards from the station."



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Quick update

23.03.2004 11:27

The bulk of the balifs went for a cup of tea a short while ago while their boss tries to sort out getting a cherry picker in. The police also left after talking to the ballifs. They will return when the action starts.

Any help appreciated.


update 3:45pm

23.03.2004 15:48

Around a hundred people gathered in the road infront of the building. Police out in force and getting heavy with people defending the building, more people are needed urgently, get down here now, if you can.

Camden resident