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Protest at BP Tangguh Gas 'Greenwash' Meeting

acrobat | 19.03.2004 00:00 | Ecology | London

On the 10th March, London Rising Tide were on hand to meet and greet NGOs and 'socially responsible' investors attending a meeting organised by BP and the 'Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel' (TIAP). The meeting was concerning the Tangguh Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Bintuni Bay, West Papua (Indonesia), a development in which BP has a controlling stake, (and in which British Gas also has a large holding).

Despite Met Police and BP security, London Rising Tide held aloft their banner, which read 'NGOs fuel climate chaos'. Prior to the meeting inside London Rising Tide had distributed and circulated information about the Baku Ceyhan pipeline and about Tangguh to all invitees.

According to an ironic BP report, the development, tapping Asia's largest untapped natural gas fields cites some of the following environmental impacts: Gas emissions including sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, waste from gas drilling including mercury and contaminated activated carbon, placing a higher burden on local ecosystem, interfering with local fishing, shrimping and ecology of the Bay. The local communities remain poorly informed of such enterprises that affect them and their future. Chief NGOs collaborating with BP on Tangguh appeared to be the World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International.

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