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KLA in kosovo = Gladio? by cw

capt wardrobe | 18.03.2004 16:41

kosovo KLA = more gladio secret armies of the CIA and NATO

more secret armies help justify a strategic NATO KFOR / UN / UK / US presence near that lovely Caspian oil...mmm

NATO is dispatching hundreds of extra soldiers to Kosovo to clamp down on violence which has left 22 people dead, in the worst unrest since the 1999 war in the UN-run Serbian province.
The North Atlantic Council (NAC), meeting in a special session on Thursday, expressed confidence that the extra troops added to the 17,000-strong KFOR peacekeeping force could cope with the crisis.
A NATO spokeswoman said that three units - US and Italian from neighbouring Bosnia, and one provided by Britain -were ordered in. Britain said it was rushing in an extra 750 troops, adding they would be on the ground within four days.
US and Italian units, part of the SFOR mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina, are on their way.

Britain sending 750

above is good news page for more like:

World Bank approves 21-million-dollar loan


no mention of KLA in many reports

but WAS mentioned in BBC 24 news report on TV and in Pravda...

At least 22 people are dead and more than 500 injured, many seriously, after the worst ethnic violence in the history of Kosovo-Metohija, causing hundreds of UN police and NATO soldiers to be drafted into the area.

The violence started when a Serbian boy of 18 was shot dead in Caglavica by Albanians driving past in a car. The following day, a group of Serbs chased three Albanian children, who drowned in the River Ibar. On Wednesday, there were mass riots between the communities involving machine-gun fire, grenades and small arms.

This was not an isolated incident. There were attacks against Serbs and burnings of Serb houses in Mitrovica (north), in Lipljan and Gnjilane (east), in Caglavica and Kosovo Polje, near the capital, Pristina (centre) and in Belo Polje and Pec (west), provoking a series of demonstrations across Serbia.

Harri Holkeri, the UN administrator of Kosovo, called the incident a "black day". However, it was far more than this. Since NATO attacked the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 for its campaign to oust the terrorist organization KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army, or Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves, in Albanian), in what was, is and always has been an integral part of Yugoslavia and the cornerstone of the Serb nation (Kosovo Polje), there has been an indiscriminate campaign by Albanians to force out the Serbs who remained.


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capt wardrobe


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