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"No port or airport for gaza palestinians" - Israeli Defence minister

observers | 18.03.2004 13:10

Defence Minister Mofaz argues his case.

Also, when Israel leaves Gaza, it seems the Palestinians may have to PAY for the empty settlements. After tens of thousands of their own homes have been demolished with no compensation !

Quotes from Jerusalem Post today:

""Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz......recommended that the IDF remain in control of the strategic Philadelphia Corridor along the Egyptian border, in order to continue fighting arms smuggling, as well as to block the opening of Gaza's airport and prevent the construction of a Palestinian port on the Mediterranean."

"Gaza is smaller and surrounded by a fence which makes it difficult to penetrate into Israel, while the security barrier in the West Bank is not complete. As a result, it is easier to control Gaza at this time.
Another difference, according to Mofaz, is that Israel has no intention of remaining in Gaza, while it does intend on remaining in large settlement blocs in the West Bank."

"Regarding the settlements to be evacuated in Gaza, senior sources say that the plan now seems to be to transfer them to an as yet undetermined international body which will hold them in "trusteeship" until the Palestinian Authority can take effective control of the region. Then, the official said, the idea is to sell them to the PA. "