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blackwwod update and strategies

boris | 18.03.2004 12:54

Despite wobbly interludes over the week, looks like the bailiffs are respecting the fact that the camp has an appeal in the legal system, though if numbers get below a certain critical mass they might just steam in, so in that constant amber alert state. But right from the start this camp has been about STOPPING WORK not “just” camp defences, so imminent (illegal) eviction or not, we need ya!!!

The camps are getting more consolidated all the time, hooray. Numbers continue to fluctuate, with people who put in massive effort kicking the camp off in the early days needing to balance the protest with other demands in their lives so as to avoid burnout, please help out we need constant support, and big up to everyone who has got down to blackwood yay!!!!!!
Site phones are constantly being lunched out, or those that operate are experiencing problems (!) if you cant get through just get down here, we ain’t going anywhere in a hurry. 07708 420446 is still an operational number.

Costain them money- thinking strategically
Caerphilly county council apparently just stumped up 1.2 million pounds extra to cover Costains costs (this came out of the councils roadbuilding budget for the Bargoed bypass so some good news at least). Which is pants, cos up until then we’d really been pissing Costain off by costain them a lot of cash. sorry I wont use that pun ever again. Needless to say, Blackwood solidarity actions at costain sites nationwide and internationally could really make a big difference, nuff said. Be nice to see that 1.2 million get pissed up the wall in costs fast. People might also want to ring Caerphilly council, and Edwards Geldard solicitors (for the forces of darkness) in Cardiff, to tell em what a great job they are doing, etc etc. If anyone can be bothered to make a stink at the Welsh Assembly, Wales has a constitutional commitment to sustainable development (SD), and currently get masses of cash from Europe for ‘leading the way’ in SD. Words fail me, etc, (see earlier posts for info about the habitat destruction, and rants about the usual PFI balls up waste of cash the whole scheme is) join up the dots and get on their case.

Site tactics
Ok, obviously stopping work where its happening, building defences (treehouses and tunnels), keeping site sorted (tools together, making sure people don’t lunch site harnesses out in the mud for gods sake!!, disposal of damp jumpers noone ever wore, etc) are core priorities. If no work is happening and you turn up and want to DO SOMETHING, here are some targets for you to take cake and wine to:
Costain main offices in cardiff
Edwards geldard solicitors in cardiff
Caerphilly county council offices in blackwood
The MOD contractors up at the industrial estate, expansion of which is what is triggering all this off in the first place (details on other posts)
Other machinery contractors offices (details on other posts)

Positive community relations need working at too, just because the locals have been extremely supportive this shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially when Caerphilly county council et al will be starting a propaganda war. Make a leaflet about how shit roads are for the local economy, (never mind the loss of the woods , effects of traffic fumes on public health etc), take it into the town centre, leaflet on the high street. The road will bypass the town centre taking away passing trade. Set up a public meeting in a local community centre, with the question- if Blackwood had been given 56 million quid to create wealth and employment, what other ways could the money have been spent if you’d been allowed to decide for yourselves?

Constant supplies of building materials, polyprop, etc always needed. Pallets and stack pipe for a burner, lanterns, paraffin etc etc, the whole shebang. Cake!!!!!! Trying to set up a bank account for donations…



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