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Four Britons released from Guantanamou Bay had terrorist connections

Independant Journalist | 18.03.2004 09:57 | Terror War

Four Guantanamo Bay prisoners freed in Britain toted AK-47 rifles in the ranks of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, America claimed last night. All four were steeped in the guerilla tactics of Osama Bin Laden — and ready to take on Allied troops.

At least one of the men, captured in Afghanistan, has admitted being a sworn enemy of the British and US governments. The four are Shafiq Rasul, 26, Asif Iqbal, 22, Ruhal Ahmed, 22 — dubbed the Tipton Taliban because they come from the West Midlands town — and Tarek Dergoul, 26.

All Deny any involvement with terror groups. But alarming new evidence proves otherwise
In a detailed letter by Lee McClenny a Whitehouse official he wrote: “One of the five trained with an AK-47 and pistol at an al-Qaeda safe house in Kabul in September 2001.” The man, he said, was a “weapons-carrying fighter” at Tora Bora, the infamous stronghold where terror chief Osama Bin Laden hid from coalition forces including the SAS. Mr McClenny continued: “This person was wounded in battle with Coalition forces and was subsequently captured in the Tora Bora mountains. “Two of the others trained for 40 days in September-October 2000 at a military camp in Afghanistan, learning to shoot a Kalashnikov, and observing hand grenade, landmine and rocket grenade demonstrations.
“These two and a third returned to Afghanistan shortly after September 11 2001 to fight jihad with the Taliban. They lived in caves for several weeks and were issued Kalashnikovs and ammunition. They stayed with their unit, commanded by a known Taliban leader, for three weeks and were captured near Konduz.” Mr McLenny also wrote: “One of the individuals states he considers the UK and US governments to be his enemies and travelled to Afghanistan after 9/11 for an organisation known to be associated with al-Qaeda. “He also associated with al-Qaeda extremists in the UK.”

The details emerged as Met police chief Sir John Stevens warned a Madrid-style bombing is “inevitable” in Britain. The released Brits are selling their stories to sympathetic newspapers for up to £1million.

The men will need round-the-clock surveillance costing £1million a year. American administration officials were astonished that Britain released them without charge. Mr Blunkett publicly insisted the four posed “no threat” to the British public. But in private, he and other ministers warned they should not have been set free. American sources, backed by unimpeachable British intelligence, have also rejected allegations of torture of the detainees in Guantanamo as “total fabrications”.

Independant Journalist


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Unsubstantiated bullshit

18.03.2004 11:14

No sources - nuffink!

No doubt this was the outcome of those "interrogation" sessions which in the real world were TORTURE sessions. The Observer account tells us how three admitted to being at a meeting (with Bin Laden and Attah) after being tortured. It was eventually British Intelligence that produced documentary evidence that all 3 of them were in Britain when the meeting took place.

BTW, WTF is "unimpeachable British intelligence" ?

I'm not suprised this "independant journo" didn't attach their name to the article.


Freed Britons were CIA double agents

18.03.2004 11:14

It has now been revealed in alarming evidence supplied Anthony Beckham a Whitehouse kitchen assisant, that the at least two of the so-called Tipton Taliban were infact members of an elite CIA undercover operation based in the Kabab shop on Hampton Street.

In a detailed text message, Anthony Beckham revealed that he had seen a “top secret training videos in which the two agents can be seen polishing their pistols in the company of a known CIA controler”. Mr Beckham continues: “they were regularly briefed at a safe house in Florida”, stronghold of the brother of anti-terror George W Bush, who may have had personal sessions with the two Britons.

The text message goes on to reveal that in September 2001 the agents where shot in a so-called friendly fire incident near Kabul while trying to infilrate the infamous Tora Bora stronghold. Much of this has also been confirmed by Mr McClenny a white house aid who said the agents had “travelled to Afghanistan after 9/11 for an organisation known to be associated with al-Qaeda.” and that both were also associated with CIA extremists in the UK.

The details emerged as Lord Saninsburys warned that Barcalona style YoMango terror activitives were “inevitable” in Britain and that shops would be selling products to unknowing consumers for millions of pounds.

These agents will need new identities costing £1million a year but officials were astonished that their had been clothed without charge. Tony Blair publicly insisted that opposistion to GM crops in the UK posed “no threat” to Amerian business intestes. But in private, he and other ministers tortured puppies for fun.

Independent Journalist

More racist crap

18.03.2004 11:16

Bizarre and racist article twisted with the perverse logic of the mainstream media. The implication here is that Arabs with guns = terrorists. White people with guns are not. These people were defending a small poor country from a vicious illegal invasion by the most powerful regime on earth.

Although Indymedia is not supposed keep racist articles up I think this one is worth keeping just as an example of the appalling kind of journalism with racist underpinnings that is going on in the mainstream at the moment.

Yesterday I heard more of the same kind of crap on Radio 4 on some programme about morals. The general thrust of it was that the bombings in Madrid were just about the biggest threat mankind. The 25,000 people dying each day due to poverty and hunger might have a different perpective I suspect, but they're not white so they don't really matter.


Tony Blair yesterday insisted the war on terrorism is necessary.

18.03.2004 12:11

Tony Blair confounded critics who say the war on terror has been counter-productive. He reeled off a list of al-Qaeda attacks prior to the Iraq war — in Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, Pakistan and Morocco.

He told the Commons: “There is no way of appeasing these people. “They have no cause that any negotiation can take place upon. “They made it absolutely clear in that chilling statement a few days ago — ‘You love life. We love death’.“That is why we have to defeat them. “The idea that if we were to give in that would be an end of the matter so far as they are concerned is completely and hopelessly naive. “These people will continue. It is a war. It is a war on our way of life. It is a war on our democracy. It is a war on our freedom. “That is why we must redouble our efforts and defeat it. “The truth is these fanatics will stop at nothing in pursuit of a fanatical cause based on a perversion of the true faith of Islam. The only alternatives we have is to confront it or be defeated by it. “I believe the vast majority of people in this country want to confront terrorism, and to defeat it.”

Independant Journalist

Who cares?

18.03.2004 12:25

Pity for Blair then, Independent Journo, that nobody believes him any more. Time for regime change here in the UK.

The Moon

dishonest journalism

18.03.2004 12:57

More unsubstanticated garbage as the pro-war groupies try to claw back something from the PR fiasco this affair is turning into for them.

This is just yet another bunch of claims from the US and like pretty much everything else they have no actual factual evidence to back it up with. Lets have some honest reporting please!



more pro-Muslim bias!

18.03.2004 14:37

"a perversion of the true faith of Islam"???

This Tony Blair person is clearly an anti-semitic hate-filled jehadi-loving EuroLeftist.


down with religions

19.03.2004 01:43

Perversion nothing - let's not forget that, according to Islamic texts, the Prophet Mohammed (swt) had sexual intercourse with small children and was a prodigious killer and liar.

I have never met a Muslim with paedophilic tendencies, or who has followed the murderous and dishonest example of Mohammed, but then I think it's always important to recognise that - as is always the case with organised religion, especially Christianity - the religion may be an evil, manipulative system of control, but the people taken in by it somehow transcend the violence, filth and mind slavery to lead productive lives.

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