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heather | 17.03.2004 20:14

sorry if this goes up twice.

the point is that the stone outside bridgewater hall normally sits on the pavement in public space and can be touched. (i know it cost a fortune - and i'm not going to get into that in this post - but it has always been absolutely accessible to the public in its physical place, as far as i know). then when the labour circus rolls in, you cannot touch it anymore. it had its own little tiny security fences inside the bigger fences.

It was always property but it was intentionally made during the circus into a bigger statement about power and property because the tiny fences would not have stopped a five year old.

what they did in fencing the stone off is political and ridiculous.
i'm not explaining this very well i think, but it just summed up the day for me.



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this wasn't meant to go up as a separate newswire post

17.03.2004 20:24

might as well show you what i mean
might as well show you what i mean

sorry. take it down if you like.
the original link is Not the official photos from Manc tonight re labour circus