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TEAR DOWN THE APARTHEID WALL! Three Days Of Action Against The Wall Near Budrus

ism media office | 17.03.2004 15:39 | Anti-militarism | World

Wed March 17, 2004
For Immediate Release

Three days of action against the Wall near Budrus

[Budrus, RAMALLAH] From tomorrow Thursday, March 18, 2004, to
Sunday, March 21, 2004, 3 days of protests and action are planned in
Deir Qaddis and in Al-Midya villages, near Budrus village, northwest
Ramallah. The Israeli army has been working on the wall in these two
villages, destroying more agricultural resources and grabbing more
lands from their residents.

Villagers from this area have been protesting the construction of
the wall in nonviolent ways over the past two months and managed so
far to have the route of the wall brought closer to the Green Line.
However, once completed, the wall will turn this cluster of villages
into a prison for their residents. Therefore, the villagers remain
steadfast in their struggle for the survival of their communities:
- On Thursday, March 18, 2004, at noon, villagers and
internationals will attempt to prevent the bulldozers from working
in Deir Qaddis village.
- On Friday, March 19, 2004, at 10:30am, villagers and
internationals will attempt to stop the bulldozers which are working
in Al-Midya village
- On Sunday, March 21, 2004, from noon, a general strike is
planned in all the villages around Budrus. Two protests will also
take place in Deir Qaddis and Al-Midya where villagers and
internationals will attempt to stop the bulldozers.

During the protest on Sunday March 14, in Deir Qaddis, more than 15
people were injured and one Jewish American ISM volunteer, was
arrested and is currently held in Nazareth detention center, facing

As the situation in this area is subjected to rapid changes, please
confirm date and place of actions with local contacts:

Anwar Nazne (local contact for Deir Qaddis): +972.52.877.230
Abu Ahmed (local contact for Al-Midya): +972.67.924.952
Erik (ISM volunteer): +972. 66.556.749
ISM Media Office: +972.


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