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a reply..

mozaz | 16.03.2004 15:51 | Sheffield

in replt to this..


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Sheffield IMC

fair comment etc.. however befor we go further it was not me who posted it to here.. are we claer on.. yes i have use some of the text in my recent post ie the respect articall.. yes i have flogged the book.. yes i have copys of other publications from them.. yes one of there people was involved with collectableanorak.. yes i love and i mean love what thay are saying.. there are 100's of other post that have been taken down not just here in sheffield it seems.. there was a mass uproar about the swp articall respect.. not about the one advertiseing the workers power meeting.. nither have the anarchist youth had any of there post taken down.. though in perspective there an hierarchical organization.. you make up yur mind people.. mine is allready made up as to why this is going on.. but i'm open to debate and being proven wrong if at the end of the day thats the case.. just to note i have a lot of support in my actions.. also to note to friends etc.. my actions might make you feel rage etc.. however do understand there are resons as to why i'm doing this.. it is not just haveing a go there are more subtle ways of dealing with the middle class.. but then idd be placeing myself in there gutter.. no i have emancipated myself from there.. i will not join them at no stage.. if i lose againe and this post is hidden then it will move on..

for now