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Another GM crop dropped from UK national list application process

crop geek | 16.03.2004 13:01 | Bio-technology

Syngenta/Monsanto withdraw GM sugarbeet variety leaving only 4 (of the original 58) GM crop varieties left in the UK national seed list application process

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Syngenta withdraw a sugar beet variety from UK seed listing process

I've been looking through the DEFRA Plant Varieties and Seeds website (as you do when you've got a spare moment on a wednesday afternoon) and discovered that Syngenta have just withdrawn their herbicide tolerant sugar beet 'Pacific' from the UK seed listing process. This means that of 58 GM plant varieties that have begun the UK national seed listing process since 1994 only 4 varieties (less than 7%) now remain in the seed listing process.

Those varieties that remain are a very tokenistic single plant variety for each crop. This is perhaps indicative of an industry that is desperately trying to keep a very symbolic toe in the door rather than one that is serious about making a real go of GM crops in the UK.

GM plant varieties still in the UK national seed listing process
1 variety of winter oilseed rape PHW99-429 owned by Bayer CropScience
1 variety of spring oilseed rape PH96S452 owned by Bayer CropScience
1 variety of fodder maize Chardon LL owned by Bayer CropScience
1 variety of sugar beet Sturgeon owned by Syngenta

Details for Pacfic (
Application No:- 45/813
Breeders Reference or Approved Name:- PACIFIC
Application Date:- 14/01/1998
Acceptance Date:- Application Withdrawn
Last Updated: - 03/03/2004

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