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Blackwood Pics + Eviction Alert + Wot U Can Do!

just do it! | 15.03.2004 17:40 | Ecology | Free Spaces

The word from the bailiffs is that there will be an eviction on Wednesday 17th March...

The protest at Blackwood has been fought all through the planning stages for the last 12 years, it didnt happen yesterday or last month. This Welsh community are true fighters and have taken this fight to the High Court twice, they have done surveys, they have had a 4,800 signitured petition from local residents, they have done more than most other communities would in the circumstances. And although the local planning department of Caerphilly council is involved with processing this project, it has been sold the idea cos it involves outside money (outside of Wales). This is primarly for an MOD contractors factory that has been constructed in the centre of a civilian area, that now requires a dual carriage road access to make it viable (and to stop peeping toms, in the local community, seeing what they are up too 24/7). This road was going to cost £16 million, its now gonna cost £97million and its only 2 miles long... so its going to be the most expensive road in Wales soon!

What You Can Do!

Ok, if you can get down there all the better. People with cameras are also needed, so any budding alternative media people - get down there!

The camp currently needs (yeah people, but also) nets, polyprop ropw, waterproof coats, socks, shoes and donations.

If you can't make it and you wish to support the protesters and the locals who have been campaigning for years, you can contact some of the companies involved in the destruction and register your opposition.

A JCB has left the site over the last couple of days and it could be due to the potential for bad publicity and people phoning the hire firm letting them know how strongly they feel.

Details of companies and contact info can be found at:


Original Full Size Pictures on Bristol Indymedia

Collected Blackwood Reports on Indymedia


For details/directions see

DIRECTIONS - bus to Blackwood from Cardiff or Newport (Newport is nearer). St Davids Wood visible on skyline on right hand side of valley (if coming from Cardiff- on left hand side if coming from the north) it's a 15 min walk from Blackwood High Street.

Most locals will know exactly where the camps are.

Or ask directions to the Rock + Fountain - head up the hill (with the R+F on your left) and take the little residential street on your left just as the road curves right (near the top). You'll soon see the disused railway track on your right. Follow it in the same direction you've been walking, until you see Kerry camp on the bank above you. For Jordan camp just keep going a bit further.

just do it!


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