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Tree Destruction + Direct Action Resistance @ Blackwood This Week

RoT | 13.03.2004 14:58 | Ecology | Free Spaces

Pictures from Bristol Indymedia - destruction at Blackwood / St David's Wood in South Wales increased massively in the last week with a huge influx of bailiffs to protect the chainsaws. Costain's tactic has been to cordon off an area early in the morning, secure it with bailiffs and proceed to cut down every tree inside it and reduce it to woodchip. Protesters are left with the last ditch tactic of trying to guess the area to be trashed and rush up trees before the cordon is completed. One arrest was made on tuesday as some protesters tried to break into a cordoned area (later released). Protesters were occupying climbable trees for over 8 hours on wedsnesday, knowing that as soon as they leave them, chainsaw wielding vandals will move in for the kill. Everything around occupied trees is ripped apart, as contractors show disregard for safety, felling trees which fall within arms length of people in the area, and even felling one with someone in it!

Bailiff numbers will be going down next week as the extras we had this week were only contracted on site for 5 days. Although it has been a tough struggle, with more people this week we really have a chance of winning what is left of the ancient woodland. If you people really care then come down sometime this week to show your support, this really is our last chance!

Original Full Size Pictures + Reports on Bristol Indymedia:

Short Movie of Heavy Digger Used to Fell Big Tree

Collected Blackwood Reports on Indymedia UK:



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