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Social centre in Cambridge this weekend

Refusenik | 11.03.2004 19:23 | Free Spaces | Cambridge

For the weekend of the 13-14 March 2004, anti-capitalist-action and others will hold an abandonned space which we hope to use in as creative, informative and useful a way as possible. Workshops, gallery space, cinema, caf, bar, info-stall, and into the evening bands, poets, other performers and soundsystems will keep us entertained in a lively and interactive manner all weekend.

Come and join us for a weekend of fun, frolics and forward thinking in Cambridge city. By using abandonned space as an outlet for our collective creativity we can publically demonstrate what we as human beings are capable of in microcosm when we act on our own initiatives. By coming together to discuss, to argue, to plan, we can give our movement the strategic innovation of which it is constantly in need. By creating an atmosphere in which we can relax, socialise and enjoy ourselves together, we can achieve a greater unity and a heightened sense of common purpose. And most importantly, we can have lots of fun doing so...

There will be workshops, discussion groups, an IndyMedia cinema room, an art and photo gallery, an info-stall, a caf and a bar. As the evening draws in bands, poets and other performers will keep us entertained, and during the night there will be a raucous soundsystem party that will follow on well into the next morning. The caf, bar, gallery, info-stall and IndyMedia cinema will continue throughout the daytime on Sunday well into the evening.
When is it happening?

Refuse will be held on Saturday 13th and Friday 14th March, 2004. There will be workshops and discussions on Saturday starting at 2.00. Music and performances will start around 9.00. There will be IndyMedia films showing throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

For location details call 07968 894591 on Fri eve / Sat morning.

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Cancelled, unfortunately

12.03.2004 18:47

Unfortunately, due to an unforseen problem with the building (it being full of asbestos), we won't be running the social centre event this weekend. Sorry about that. Keep an eye on IndyMedia for news on similar projects in the future, though.