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Proposition for an autonomous social centre in Aberdeen

mister pipi | 11.03.2004 15:23 | Free Spaces

Proposition for a non-commercial independent autonomous social centre in Aberdeen.

It would be a shell that offers different groups, collectives and individuals to organise events such as concerts, debates, conferences, discussions, info-shops, expositions, theatres, film projections, squat-cafés, work-shops and many more.

Provisional aims will be to support and strengthen the critique of cultural problems such as exclusion, pollution, exploitation, consumerism, alienation and
behaviours of domination like sexism, racism, ageism and specicism.

However, up to now we could not mobilise the support we need to form a strong and determined campaign. There are unforunately not more than about 4 to 5 people who are really interested in investing their energy in this project.
We are having a meeting on TUESDAY THE 16th. If you are from the region of Aberdeen and you are interested, e-mail us for more informations.

mister pipi
- e-mail: