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Help wanted for planned social centre

david pegg | 10.03.2004 15:27 | Free Spaces | London | Sheffield

Plan to establish chesterfields first occupied squat/social centre.
Help needed!!!!


This is a general call-out to supporters anywhere in the country to
come and help establish Chsterfield's first occupied/social centre
which has been located and which we plan to start tidying up etc very
soon. Please contact us if you can help or want to come and join the
squat. We want to hear from you if youre in chesterfield, derbyshire
and Sheffield particularly but wider afield very welcome as this is good
squatting living space in the centre. This will be a free meeting place,
for everyone in the community to use, with meetings, talks, workshops,
film shows, gigs dancing and raves, cafe, chillout space for travelling
and homeless- similar to the wombles centre at kentish town and kickstart
in Manchester. We are not saying where yet but if you want to join in and
it is happening soon please contact dave on 07881793641 for more info.

onwards and upwards

love and rage

Chesterfield greens and anarchists working together

david pegg
- e-mail: or


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