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March to Aldermaston

Youth & Student CND | 09.03.2004 09:09 | Anti-militarism | Education | London | Oxford

Youth March from Oxford to Aldermaston AWE 10th-12th April

Remember the first march to Aldermaston? Wondering what the fuss about Aldermaston is? Never heard of Aldermaston?

Britain's nuclear weapons programme caused such disquiet amongst the population that hundreds of
people joined to march from London to Aldermaston AWE in 1958. The march was a key point in the formation
of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The Atomic Weapons Establishment, where Britains nuclear warheads are designed and built,
still exists at Aldermaston (near Reading). What's more, planning permission has recently been given for developments at the facility.

For anyone who hasn't seen them before (and for those that have, please read them again!), here are the frightening facts:
Even a single Trident warhead would, if used, devastate a huge area. Each warhead has seven times the destructive killing power of the bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945. That bomb killed 140,000 people. Nuclear weapons cannot distinguish between military and civilian targets.
There are 4 Trident submarines. Each submarine is equipped with up to 16 US Trident II D5 missiles, designed and produced by the US Lockheed Martin Corporation. Each Trident missile carries up to 48 nuclear warheads, each of which can be sent to a different target.

The decision about a replacement for the Trident system is due to be made in 2010. That's not much time to make our argument against a British nuclear weapons programme.

It's time to make our voices heard. Young people and students from across the country will be marching from Oxford to Aldermaston AWE from 10th-12th April.
It won't cost you anything (unless you want to make a donation, of course!), food and accommodation will be provided. Join us!

See for more information, or email for a registration form.

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