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HAITI: Who Killed Who And Why?

investigator | 08.03.2004 20:47 | Anti-militarism | World

Six people were killed yesterday at at an anti-Aristide demonstration in Haiti.
This has been blamed on pro-Aristide gunmen but where is the proof?

By far the largest demonstrations in the streets of Haiti over the last week have been
in support of ousted President Aristide who remains in exile in the Central African Republic. This is the case despite the fact that the corporate media have been generally going along with the US administration's cleched storyline of 'evil dictator toppled by popular uprising'and the US and French military have allowed Phillipe to continue to terrorise the population of Haiti with armed mercenaries.

Todays CAR international press conference by Aristide, brought about by the pressure
of pro-Aristide activists on the CAR govt has helped to challenge this line in the media and make it less a clear truth and more a clear example of US spin. The events surrounding Aristides departure now bring to mind the words of another US gangster 'we made him an offer he couldn't refuse.'

Yesterday a smaller demonstration by anti-Aristide coup supporters was met with violence when six people were shot dead. The anti-Aristide organisers were openly angry at the US force for lack of protection and 'being no-where to be seen'.

Today, as if in reply, it was reported by the BBC that 'A US spokesman said on Monday that one of the six people killed was shot by US marines who were returning fire at gunmen.' However no reports of the identity of the killed gunman have yet been published by the US.

Another more sinister story is also possible. If we believe Aristide when he accuses the US govt of kidnapping him and of lying to the world when they say he resigned, then it is not too far fetched to imagine a CIA special forces unit under the command of the same decision makers who forced Aristide out, predicting the prospect of media reports of a smaller demonstration against Aristide than the one for him, as a problem that needs to be addressed.

It is then, a gruesomely convenient event for the US Govt. when the most important aspect of the demonstration reported is not the smaller turnout than at the pro-Aristide one, but the fact that six people were shot dead.



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