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16th March: Day of Action Against DSEi Organisers

DISARM DSEi | 06.03.2004 12:43 | DSEi 2005 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism


10am, Meet at main entrance to ExCeL (nearest DLR Custom House)

Shut down Spearhead: The Campaign Continues.



10am, Meet at main entrance to ExCeL (nearest DLR Custom House)

Shut down Spearhead: The Campaign Continues.

As part of the ongoing campaign against Spearhead Exhibitions, organisers of DSEi
(Defence Systems and Equipment international) weapons fair, Disarm DSEi is calling a day of action against Spearhead Exhibitions.

DSEi is only one of many exhibitions organised by Spearhead. Between 16- 19 March Oceanology London will be held at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London Docklands. We aim to raise awareness about the links between Spearhead, ExCeL and the arms trade amongst their exhibitors, delegates and the local community, with the ultimate aim of shutting down Spearhead and DSEi 2005.

On Tuesday 16th March, Disarm DSEi is calling for a day of colourful and imaginative action around the Excel centre. Leaflets and other resources will be available on the day or can be downloaded and printed from the website, people are encouraged to bring what they need.,

Who are Spearhead ?
Spearhead Exhibitions ( are specialists in hosting large-scale international corporate exhibitions with links to both business and government sectors. They are responsible for organising the biannual DSEi weapons fair, Europe’s largest weapons fair. Based in New Malden, Surrey, Spearhead are part of Reed Exhibitions who are a division of Reed businesses.

What is Oceanology London ?
OI ( attracts an international audience of policy makers, industrialists,
government representatives, decision makers, researchers, directors, managers and manufacturers
involved in every aspect of oceanography. They meet to address the present and future trends of the
industry and to view the launch of new technologies, equipment and services.

Who exhibits there ?
The following disciplines are representative of the scope of OL-

· Marine Environmental Sciences
· Ocean Observing & Modelling
· Measurement & Instrumentation
· Data Harvesting
· Marine Survey & Engineering
· Diving & ROVs
· Navigation & Remote Sensing
· Marine Pollution Monitoring & Control
· Hydrography
· Maritime Defence
· Marine R & D
· Dredging & Coastal Engineering
· Aquaculture
· Renewable Energy
· Mariculture
· Meteorology
· Resources from the sea
· Marine Civil Engineering
Over 500 exhibitors mainly from the marine development sector will take part in OL.
Exhibitor list;

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Am I teaching grandmothers to suck eggs........

06.03.2004 14:56

But is there any way of finding out which organsations are likely to use the services of Spearhead and contact them directly. I think that many of the delegates taking part in the oceanography junket would be opposed to the use of such a company and could exert pressure on the organisers...........

.......... erm just realised its not oceanOGRAPHY it oceanOLOGY, sorry that probably means hoovering what wildlife is left from the sea floor..... YIP!

Oh and I notice BAE systems are exhibiting:

Scratch this post......... how do I get down there!