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UN Report: Iraq Had No WMD After 1994

Democracy Now! | 03.03.2004 02:21 | Repression | World

Headlines for March 2, 2004

- Up to 140 Killed in Iraq on Shiite Holy Day
- At least 17 Pakistani Shiites Killed
- UN Report: Iraq Had No WMD After 1994
- 18,000 National Guard Soldiers Alerted For Duty
- Candidates Prepare For Super Tuesday


Ramsey Clark On Haiti: "A Clear Demonstration of U.S. Regime Change By Armed Aggression"

We speak with former Attorney General Ramsey Clark Clark about the overthrow of the democratically-elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide. During the 1991 coup, Clark traveled to Haiti several times in an effort to restore him to power. [Includes transcript]

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Psy-Ops Exposed, South Africa Rejects Washington's Claim Aristide Was Denied Asylum

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, South African ambassador to the United Nations, Dumisani Kumalo, says President Aristide did not request asylum or exile in South Africa, nor did the South African government deny him asylum or exile as alleged by the US State Department and The New York Times.

Black Caucus Vows to Find Out if U.S. Engineered Coup Against Aristide

We speak with actor, activist and TransAfrica chair Danny Glover about President Aristide's claims that the U.S. forced him out of office as well as Rep. Barbara Lee who says she plans to raise the issue at a meeting of the House International Relations Committee tomorrow.

Head of U.S. Security Firm That Guarded Aristide Speaks Out

Reports emerged yesterday that the private U.S. security firm guarding President Aristide was prevented by the White House from sending reinforcements to Haiti last week to bolster his security. We speak with the CEO of the firm Kenneth Kurtz. [includes transcript]

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