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Coca Cola selling tap water

L.i.Am | 03.03.2004 00:31 | Globalisation | Health | Repression

Coca Cola selling tap water that we have paid for in the first place!!>

As many of you are probably aware (through the main stream media), Coca cola is attemping to sell bottled tap water for 95p calling it 'Dasani'. With consumers spending over £1.2 billion on bottled water last year I think its about time we woke up and start drinking the stuff that comes out our taps.

Now will be a good time to put more pressure on Coca cola through subverting (I beleive they have just spent £7 million on a new advertising campaign in the UK), leaflets etc...

So we can let the public know how shit their other products are too.

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Del-boy strikes again!

03.03.2004 03:18

Well I suppose 'Dasani' sounds slightly better than Sidcup Spring Water!

"The UK product comes at a designer price of 95p for 500ml and is sold in bright blue bottles suggesting idyllic fresh water scenes. "


What THE...? You Brits are Buying our CRUDE OiL cheaper than tap water !

03.03.2004 06:20

Times and again, I am amazed at you Brits. For God's sake, don't you read history?

Britania single handedly is the cause of most horrific suppressions in history.

And I don't mean selling tap water to the thirsty! YOU WISH!

I am sick and tired of you Brit. chicks yelling and screaming and kicking about what US is doing; while your government is the one still cooking the most viscious plots against other nations worldwide, even as we speak.



You Destroyed my Homeland. YOU WILL PAY BACK ! DON't YOU TALK "Peace" TO ME ! YOU DIRTY LIER.


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Oh please

03.03.2004 12:22

Everyone knows the world would be a far better place if you degenerate colonials had shown a scrap of decency and remained within the British Empire, rather than Causing Trouble just because you had to pay a tax on tea (less than Britishers had to, by the way).

Here's awaiting the day that your squalid little nation collapses under the weight of its legacy of slavery and genocide, you paranoid Yank.

King George III

Subvert and inform

03.03.2004 12:35

Erm thank you caveman for you little outburst, now then using time asnd energy more fruitfully.............

Simple bits of paper with something along the lines of many of the papers reports about CC's tap water, scattered liberally around your local supermarket shelves (My local Sainsbury appears to have let the little blue bottles reproduce all by themselves... or is that CC giving them a 'good price' to oust the other bottles?)

Things like - Thames water 95p..... tap water... nowt.

This water is bottled at source, the Thames

Filtered 3 times then reverse osmosis, makes water tastless so they add chemicals to make it taste OK.

etc etc

not seen any billboards to subvert but if anyone has any ideas or has piccies of what they have done.... get them posted.

C'mon, this story has made national press..... if we screw up their marketing and they have chucked £6 million down the drain (they got their water from) and it way also be a way to raise awareness of the piss poor behaviour in 3rd world countries.....It would be worth it.

blah blah, you know what I mean

Dodgy Del

umm, ok liberty

03.03.2004 12:59

..a little bit incoherent and off topic, but good point. i feel i should point out that "we" brits are just as much pawns in whatever crap is going down at the mo, and "we" brits aren't all responsible for all this. Anyway, coca cola is an american enamal rotting, dark brown sickly sweet useless calorie carrying concoction, not british, so f*** you;) (jkng)


British Fool

03.03.2004 18:00

The Truely Funny King George III

1st - I thank you for showing your true brit nature. Enjoyed it really!

2- George III No shame in being Illiterate darling!
Iran was never a British Colony. Which brings us to this question:

What in the world made those dirty Brits think it's THEIR OIL?

Why Iran was forced to pay Tax to britain? what for? our own oil!

But then you're used to stealing from other nations.
You just went arount the world helping yourselves to others resources,
taking many nations to SLAVERY. and pleaese! don't get me started on this British Slavery.

British history sucks big time. face it.

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Reverse osmosis

03.03.2004 23:36

I'm not an expert but I think reverse osmosis should remove fluoride (and possible other pollutants??) from the water. I don't want to endorse the Coca Killers however and support the boycott by the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

The solution to fluoride in water is to make sure the government doesn't allow it to be put in artificially. If the government does allow it then I would be very strongly tempted to filter it.

Brian B

Buy a water filter....

04.03.2004 08:17

Firstly check to see if your water supply is fluoridated...... if not, either buy a regular water filter or just bloody drink the stuff.

If you do live in a fluoridated area, you can buy specialist water filters that remove fluoride.

imho, i have always lived in areas that have fluoridated water and many years in industry handling fluoride compounds (not in the water industry), apart from having damn fine teeth, I have suffered no ill effects!

I personally have no problem with fluoride but if I did I would still be very reluctant to give money to CC to remove it for me.

Er, Sahmadi..... maybe you need to take some iodide since you folks on the other side of the pond do suffer somewhat from a lack of it.

Dodgy Del

Whoops! Didn't realise you was an Iranian

04.03.2004 12:58

...but I am *mad*, you know.

King George III