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blackwood arooga!

usual suspect | 24.02.2004 12:29

please network this info
blackwood is in court re possession of the land this afternoon. unless we get legal representation at the last minute, which is looking wobbly right this second, there is not even going to be anyone there to argue a defence, ie that first and foremost we want an adjournment to get time to get proper legal representaion. eviction is probably imminent.

so... the chances are that we are going to lose today, and that they will come in to evict very soon after that. we'll hear more once the verdict is in from court, but basically we will be vulnerable to eviction as soon as they win possession. we need people on site, and we need them now- mornings all week, and next.
the local teenagers kept the cmap going, pretty much, all last week - they have been camp sitting and taking direct action, with support from the usual suspects. without them the camp would have gone under. now they are mostly back at school and college. now we need you. we have held them off, the ancient woodland is mostly still there, and we have managed to stop em working elsewhere, but numbers are very low and most of the people who are likely to be there at the eviction have never done this before. we have really strengthened camp defences- there are walkways and stuff up, but we could do a lot more, and we need people to be up on them.
we need help. we need you, down on site, with your mates, now.
please phone 07708 420446/ 07952 774525
post will be updated when legal news is in later this afternoon
for background to the blackwood campaign see

usual suspect