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Sainsbury's action in Lancaster (GM) [big picture files]

Ellibuddellfink | 16.02.2004 21:26 | Bio-technology

Sainsbury's - putting the GM into your food

Last Saturday saw a dozen Lancastrians target the local Sainsbury's because of
their involvement in pushing GM food on an unwilling public.

Take the Flyer!!!
Take the Flyer!!!

Not allowed on the wall, but on the back
Not allowed on the wall, but on the back

The group calling itself GM Action hung a banner outside the store and then proceeded
to hand out 800 leaflets to shoppers. Inside the store, bandit labellers
ensured that products suspected of contamination with GM were also labelled
as such.

Jane from GM Action explains why: "Many of the dairy and meat products sold in
Sainsbury's come from animals fed with GM fodder. These products don't have
to be labelled as such and many people are eating them in the belief they are
free from GM. We believe that the public have a right to know what they eat,
especially as the large majority of them is opposed to GM."

Sainsbury's is closely linked to the government through science minister Lord
Sainsbury. Lord Sainsbury is also a major share holder in Innotech, a
bio-tech firm developing GM foods.

GM Action is urging people to raise the issue of GM in animal feed with
Sainsbury's on their hotline 0800 636262 and to speak to the Lancaster store
manager on their next shopping trip.

GM Action can be contacted via The Basement, 78a Penny St, Lancaster, email:



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