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Call for submission for Glasgow Open Source tech and art event

fwd | 16.02.2004 17:26 | Technology

Machinista is a yearly unmediated open-submission online exhibition.
Creative and technological practices including visual and software art, science and design projects, moving image, experimental music and performance are featured in various scales and stages of development ranging from documentation of prototypes and exploratory installations to fully operational systems.
In 2003 there were 128 submissions featured in Machinista plus offline events in Moscow and Perm in the Urals.

Call For Entries - DEADLINE: 28th February 2004
Submissions for the following three themes are welcomed in all media.

1. "Art from the Machine: gleams of the inhuman"
Works created completely or mostly by a machine or an artificial intelligence system.

2. "Artists Against Machinic Standards"
Breaking, destroying, hacking, unexpected (non-utilitarian?) usage of customary programs as an art experiment.

3. "Full-Screen Robovision"
Moving image works (experimental/scientific imaging, audiovisual code, short films, animation and VJ mixes) illustrating "the world as seen by machines" see for more details and to participate.
(Deadline: 28th February 2004)

An offline festival each year in a different host city showcases key entries to the online exhibition.
Participants in are commissioned to travel and present/exhibit/install/ perform to wide audiences. This year, Machinista talkes place in Glasgow, Scotland on the weekend of May 7-9 2004 with some additional events later in the year in Perm, Urals.

Machinista 2004:
Machinista 2003: (Russian) - (English)

*Supported by the Scottish Arts Council & CCA Glasgow



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Excellent use of public money

16.02.2004 17:46

"Supported by the Scottish Arts Council" ?

I'm sure a pensioner in Glasgow waiting for a hip operation because of an underfunded hospital will see this use of his tax Pound as reasonable.


we need more than medicine

16.02.2004 19:02

art is important too...
i'd say more public money is wasted in PFI, where public money is screwed by corporate business.


Art and my gran

16.02.2004 19:07

anyway, my gran in glasgow would disagree with your easy stereotyping of pensioners. she might not be 100% fit anymore but she likes art and ideas...


that's right dave - no arts project should ever get funded right?!

16.02.2004 19:21

of course all cultural funding is a waste of time. ahem.

if you really want to talk about arts funding then it's more yer high profile toff temples like the royal opera house - funded by us all, subsidising the minority toffs who like opera.

anyway that's NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST IS IT. Stop trolling and trying to turn every post on indymedia into an argument!

OPEN SOURCE - YES. gets my vote. and my cash :-)