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video of venus' 'reclaim love' action at picadilly on valentine's day 2004

rikki | 16.02.2004 12:34 | Free Spaces | London

venus called for a mass group hug at eros on valentine's day to reclaim the day from the marketeers. rhythms of resistance samba band helped entertain the crowds and despite some policemen getting a bit frisky the afternoon was an inspiration and the power of love won through.

venus invited people to come together for a group hug on valentine day afternoon to celebrate in a non-commercial, real and meaningful way.

the statue of eros was adorned with red heart balloons, the steps were decorated with chalk drawings and beautiful thoughts, a stall was set up to supply cardboard and art materials for all to make their own valentine cards, the rhythms of resistance samba band entertained and drew the crowds, and venus roused us all with a beautiful speech before inviting everyone to take part in a mass group hug.

some cops (who refused to take part in the hug) tried to spoil things a little hassling members of the crowd for no apparent reason, but even they were beaten back by the power of love and slunk to the side-lines to observe. i've posted a quicktime movie of edited highlights of the afternoon - it's 12 Mb and just under three minutes long, if that's too much for you, there's some stills from the film on a previous posting at


and love

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hippy drippy shit but coool!

16.02.2004 13:28

A nice valentines day antidote to the commercial crap peddled for profit!
And seeing the cops back off from the group hug was cool - they really don't like that sort of thing ;-)
The free DIY cards were a nice touch too.

San Francisco had a groovy rts street party along the same lines - nice.

yoghurt eater

brilliant idea-exept the rant

16.02.2004 16:24

brilliant idea but i think that we were all preached to and it was not necessary for that girl to harp on when were there to celebrate the non commercialism of Love. there is no point telling us that the worlds resources need to be more fairly distributed-we know this is the case and dont need the meaning of the day was lost in a moment of glorified power hungry soap box rant- the bystanders got bored, and the crowd reduced at this stage. i very much agreed with all the issues raised and do think that they are important but i dont think that that was an appropiate time. and i felt like i was at school when made to read out that banner

still a wonderful idea. the samba band was excellent.


more love

13.09.2004 16:20

Another video with venus