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Nursing makes you sick?

Patrick Cooper-Duffy | 15.02.2004 19:25

Nursing makes you sick.After a life time working in health I find myself on Invalidity Benefit.I have given evidence to both the House of Lords and the House of Commons on the nature of bullying.The system that has been developed damages the health of those who work it.Its pretty bad for those to whom its given .

15th Febuary 004
Dear Editor
An appeal to nurses and the general public.

Why we need a change for the better in the the State of Nursing.After some 34 years of nursing experience I find myself on Invalidity Benefit Some of the reasons are to be found in my evidence to the House of Lords and the House of Commons.One of the prime reasons is bullying in nursing to which I was a victim.I find myself disgusted with the state of nursing and the present system.The question that arises is what to do.I have had many years experience with the trade unions and the RCN I find them useless.

The system has been taken over by empire builders and the rest.It is becoming increasingly impossible to disagree yet the evidence of decay is there.The care of the mentally ill,learning disabilities,the aged seems to be going backwards.Even in general nursing basic standards of care are neglected.When will there be a change for the better.?If things remain as they are the answer is never.
Change will only take place when enough nurses and the general public decide they have had enough of execuses.We all need to take up both civic pride and courage.Part of such is the role of the humble letter.I ask you to start writing to your local member of Parliament.
Do this by Writing an effective letter
Keep your letter short and to the point. One side of A4 should be enough.
Use your own words if you can. On the state of nursing and the cost to your own health.Be polite and constructive.
How to contact your MP
All MPs can be reached in writing at the House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA in addition to their constituency offices.
Inform your local or national press as your progress.
Yours sincerely
Patrick Cooper-Duffy
Bsc Honours Dip.Ruskin(0xford)RNMS.RNM.Cert Education.

Patrick Cooper-Duffy


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nursing made me sick

15.02.2004 23:53

good luck to you. i have been on incapacity benefit ever since a breakdown in 1998, a few months from the end of nursing training. i had been on the diploma course for over two years, it was awful in many ways. i still feel i am instinctively 'meant' to nurse, nurture, care for people, its what comes naturally and what im good at/interested in but i will never ever go back to that messed-up system. i've often thought of trying to put into words to tell them why so many nurses leave, what i saw and why i left, but i wouldn't know where to start (or end). i wish you all the best.

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Write about it

16.02.2004 14:15

Ratty thankyou for your act of bravery.One of the little discussed subjects is the number of student nurses that kill themselves during their training.The other is the total number of nurses who kill themselves each year.Given that 9 out of 10 nurses are female the rate of suicidee is 3 to 5 times higher than the norm.Further the nature of sickleave and the large numbers of people bullied out of their work and their lifes ruined.Please try and write about your experiences and share it.Thankyou for your act of disclosure.

Patrick Cooper-Duffy