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Genoa G8 - final charges of 'criminal association' dropped

dan | 10.02.2004 23:59 | Genoa | Globalisation | London | World

On Tuesday 3rd Feb 2004, all 93 people arrested & beaten in the raid on the
Diaz school in Genoa 2001 were finally discharged from the accusation of
"criminal association".
The 73 police who are now accused have been refused permission to move their
trial away from Genoa.

On Tuesday 3rd Feb 2004, a Judge for Preliminary Investigations discharged
all 93 people arrested in the raid on the Diaz school in Genoa 2001
from the accusation of "criminal association". The other charges of
"resisting arrest" were dropped in May 2003. This means that all charges
against the 93 have been dropped, and opens the way for them to sue the

In the mean time there have been criminal investigations against the police
themselves for slander, false arrest, assault and battery, and abuse of
authority. Now 73 police are facing trial, including some of the senior
officers involved in the Diaz raid. The police lawyers were asking for the
trial of the officers to be moved to another town, but on February 5th 2004
the Supreme Court ruled they should stand trial in Genoa.

On a final note, let us not forget the other demonstrators who are still facing
trial in Italy in March. They need our support!

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