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admin | 10.02.2004 03:31 | Bio-technology

The anti GM movement in the UK has been remarkably active and successfull. During the last seven years or so a highly diverse and imaginative campaign has delayed the onset of widescale commercial planting of GM crops in the UK and also provided inspiration for people around the world.

On the Indymedia UK biotechnology topic page you should find pretty much all the articles posted to Indymedia UK on this subject.

If you are interested in the wider campaign against GM on a global scale, it would be well worth checking out the global Biotech IMC website:

What part of no GM did you not understand?
What part of no GM did you not understand?

If you are interested in getting involved in campaigning against GM, check out The Genetic Engineering Network which acts as a clear house for information and mutal help for groups and individuals working on this issue. You'll also find loads of useful information, contacts and resources from Totnes Genetix Group. They also produce the Genetix Update, a quarterly newsletter which summarises the main developments, providing information for action as well as reporting campaign news. While you're at it, you might like to sign The Green Gloves Pledge, to take or support others who take, non-violent direct action to remove GM crops from the ground should the government give the go ahead for their commercial growing.



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  1. Genetic engineering can be a blessing or a curse for human beings, it depends... — John Greenman-genetic engineering