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Roads protest picks up pace at Blackwood

Col Buendia | 05.02.2004 12:04

More help needed to protect ancient woodland from PFI greed

Resistance to the felling of 1,000yr old trees at Blackwood in South Wales continues today. Costain have finally noticed that people are standing in their way and have sent in more security, although apparently their position has been complicated by treating the local police in such an off-hand manner that the police have left them to get on with the job by themselves.

A camp in now in place, under Section 6, while other individuals are travelling there everyday to protect the woodland. Our man on the spot reported yesterday (Wed) that:

"HELP! A lot more trees felled today,security has
been brought in about 15 of them, and a few of them
are using a bit more than reasonable force. 4 camping
up there, under section 6, so they're unable to leave
their camp to stop them cutting. People urgently
needed as early as possible tomorrow."

Call 07708 420446 or 07952 774525 for details of location & protest.

Please try to get there as soon as possible, every minute lost is an minute gained for the pillagers of our environment!

Location: (from Blackwood town)
"Find Argos on the main shopping street and opposite it you'll see a
Cancer Research shop & Amusement Center, go straight down the steps
past these until you get to the bottom where you'll see a Masonic
Hall on the left. Go left and just at the side of the building next
to the Masonic Hall is a gully & more steps leading down to a river
bridge. As soon as you are over the bridge take the track on the
river bank through the wood, which is also on the left. You will see
Carl the Warden's house at the side of this track. He is one of the
main people behind the campaign & will help protesters. The track
where the trees have so far been cut is above his place in the
woodland and this leads to an access road used by the contractors and
their compound which they have erected.

BTW buses from Cardiff are £3.25 return which is very reasonable, and
they run at about half past the hour all afternoon."

Here are the lies that Capita are using to justify the destruction of an ancient woodland and habitat for endangered species, in the face of an 11-yr campaign by local people to stop this road:

As if all this wasn't bad enough, the road is being built to facilate access to an MoD contracted factory. Christ!

Col Buendia
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