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3000 people on anti-racist march in athens

Koume | 31.01.2004 18:45

3000 people on antiracist march in Athens, Greece

3000 people, both greeks and immirgants, marched today in Athens, Greece demanding legalization of all imigrants and to shut down all detentiion camps in Greece. The march was very joyful and was organizeb by the Greek Social Forum and more than 50 immigrants' organizations.
It started from Omonia Square, in the centre of Athens, and walked up to Syntagma Square, in front of the Parliament, and then turned back.
At the same time, no more than 50 fascists had their own gathering and because the march marched in front of them they were heavily guarded by their... friends, the police-pigs. When some anarchists and others throwed stones at the fascist pigs, the police answered with tear gas.
Anyway, the point is that once more the greek left and anarchists demanded equal rights for the 1.000.000 immiggrants now in Greece. And thats what counts.



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