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valencia | 28.01.2004 17:29 | Repression

Eduardo Alonso Sanchez, 20 years old and waiting trial for terrorist crimes, writes from prision about his arrest in Valencia on the 7th July and the following treatments to which he was subjected under the spanish anti-terrorist law.

Eduardo Alonso Sanchez, 20 years old and waiting trial for terrorist crimes, writes from prision about his arrest in Valencia on the 7th July and the following treatments to which he was subjected under the spanish anti-terrorist law.

“It was about 6 p.m. on a Monday. I was alone, just walking through my neighbourhood, when some guy approached me and asked for a cigarette. Before I had time to think, I was struck in the head from behind and someone grabbed me by the neck. That was only the beginning.
“I was pushed to the ground, handcuffed, and shoved into a car. The guys were in plain clothes but wore balaclavas. They threatened to beat me up if I opened my mouth; I asked why I’d been arrested and they said I’d find out in the coming five days.
“I was thrown out of the car at the police station and they pushed me into a room where I was thrown at the wall. They told me to keep my eyes on the ground and started to lower the shutters; I was getting pretty scared.
“Suddenly the police chief burst in and started beating me, telling me that my days were numbered. He says I’d better start talking or they’ll really mess me up; he pushes me to the window and threatened to throw me out. I keep quiet but they start beating me again. One of them twists my arms behind my back and it really hurts. They show me a paper that says they’ve got legal rights to keep me isolated for five days.
“They start walking me from one room to another. In each room there’s a sergeant questioning me and they all keep saying “Don’t annoy me because you’ll come to a bad end”. They told me I’d be in jail for a long, long time. They said that this was just the beginning, that I’d be dead for my trial.
“I told them that I was asthmatic and that I need medication but they just insulted me. They told me that my life doesn’t matter. I start getting really scared and I couldn’t breath anymore. They drove me to the hospital but they kept beating me up the whole way. Eventually I see a doctor, but he sends me back to the station without medication.
“I am brought back to the interrogation chamber and pushed against the wall. I’m exhausted, I can hardly stand, but they tell me that if I lean against the wall they’ll beat the shit out of me.
I don’t know how long I stood for. Four hours maybe, or five. My legs were buckling, but I wasn’t allowed to sit down or go to the toilet. I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since my arrest and by now I am dizzy, my head hurts and my mouth is dry. They say that Amanda is tipping me off. They say she’s told them that it was me, that I did it. And then other cops come and tell me that Amanda said I’m innocent.
“Around 3 a.m. I feel like my head is going to explode. They threaten to arrest my mother saying that she may know something. It’s difficult to keep my eyes open. They hit me hard, jerk me arround and scream into my ear. When they finish with me I’m bruised and exhausted. They let me sleep until around seven and start up again.
“They keep saying that this is only the 2nd day, that they can go on much longer and it could be better for me if I start talking. The same man as yesterday comes in and lights a cigarette in my face, while telling me that I’m going to die in prison for being a mother fucker.
“Around midday they take me to search my house. They use my keys to open the door, and when my mother comes home they push us apart and keep us separate. Three hours later my house is completely demolished. They confiscated two boxes of posters, magazines, cd’s, video tapes, photos, etc...
“They bring me back down to the station and leave me in my cell, without any water or food for already two days. Later, in the afternoon, they bring me back to the interrogation room and threaten to arrest my friends if I don’t start cooperating. They tell me that the sergeant is beating the shit out of Amanda and that I’m the next one.
“I’m standing for such a long time, I can’t hold my head up. My handcuffs are so tight my arms hurt. I can’t even move my right arm anymore. They bring me back to the cell and there is another one of my friends there. He tells me the police is going to search his house. He was released after a few days without charges.
“The following day goes the same as the others. They insult me and threaten me. They tell me that we will both be dead before the trial. They want to see my handwriting but I can’t write with my arm. They tell me that I will have to answer some questions even if I don’t want to. A public defence lawyer comes in and doesn’t say word the whole time.
“They take me back to my cell. I spit blood and start to have an asthma attack. I ask for my medication and they answer mw that it is better for them if I die, less problems. I’m alone in my cell and cannot breath.
“Thursday starts with more of the hooded men. They put me in a car and I see Amanda getting into another car. I call her but they cover my mouth and push me inside. They blindfold me and the car drives fast with the police siren. I feel dizzy and sick. A policeman says that if I puke he will throw me out of the car.
“After two hours more or less, they take me the blindfold off and I see we are in Madrid. A few cars are following us. We get to the court building and I see Amanda, but they tell us not to talk or they will beat us again. Amanda manages to speak a few words to each other and I feel immediately much better. Finally, the policemen tell me that we will be hold isolated for another day. The next day the judge sends both of us to the Alcala-Meco prison. ”


On the 7th July 2003, Edu and Amanda - two anarchists from Valencia (Spain) - were arrested for “terrorist crimes”, accused of several sabotages and the assembly of a letter-bomb addressed to the extreme-right wing party “España2000”. They were subjected to five days of tortures and isolation under the state-endorsed Anti-terrorist Law and they were denied any contact with a lawyer and with their families. After these five days, they were taken before the judge, where they both admitted to have taken part in several sabotages. Amanda assumed as well the letter-bomb action and explained these as gestures of solidarity with the isolated prisoners ( F.I.E.S.) in the spanish state, so as of protest against urban speculation and fascist groups.
The terrorism accusation has been retired by the judge and, nevertheless, Eduardo and Amanda remain in prison under isolation conditions (F.I.E.S.) awaiting for trial.

Please write your letters of solidarity to:

Eduardo Alonso Sánchez Amanda Cerezo García
CP Madrid II CP. Alicante II
Ctra. de Meco km.5 Ctra. N-330, km 66
Alcalá de Henares 03400 Villena
Madrid Alicante

More info (only available in spanish):



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13.03.2004 03:34

Oh so sad to read this all.... anyway this hilarious story is lacking some key details. Edu was from Mars, 'Amanda' hahahaha was from Venus and you surely are talking about jovian inquisition not spanish police.... sheeeeeeeeeesh you really believe this shit oh well

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