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The *NEXT* ESF meeting

Brett Hennig | 26.01.2004 23:07 | European Social Forum | Cambridge

Someone (not me!) was told *at the meeting last Saturday* that the next ESF UK meeting would be this Thursday, 6.30pm at the GLA or Natfhe building - BE PREPARED!


Brett Hennig


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26.01.2004 23:44

Nothing was decided as to when or where the next meeting will be.

Could you find out the source of the information & pass it on

many thanks


be prepared

01.02.2004 16:53

Be prepared for what?

Are we expecting autonomists to pull their usual undemocratic stunts like abusing the chair and generally creating as much disruption as possible. Probably part of the campaign launched by the London Social Forum to sabotage the European Social Forum. The tiny Lodon Social Forum initially tried to get the 2004 European Social Forum cancelled now they try to sabotage it from the inside. Some people don't even know that this is the tactic!

For a successfull ESF


be prepared

01.02.2004 16:58

I heard that the tiny London Social Forum have organised a campaign to sabotage the staging of the ESF from the inside. They initially tried to get the 2004 ESF cancelled!
They do stuff like abuse the chair refuse to allow the meeting to continue in an organised fashion. Their behaviour is designed to get the large organisations to pull their support. Then it will have to be cancelled and they will have acheived what they want. Be prepared for their usual sabatage stunts.