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5 Demos in the UK - Friday/Saturday 30/31 January

NCADC News Service | 20.01.2004 14:02 | Migration

Part of the European-wide days of 'Actions against Detention of Asylum Seekers and for Migrant Rights'

Called by: European Social Forum (including No One Is Illegal UK, Barbed Wire Britain, Kent Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers, Crossroads Coalitions, Droits Devant, a number of collectives of Sans Papiers in France, Kein Mensch ist Illegal, Migreurop, Tavolo Migrati)

Demos in the UK organised by, SOSID, CDAS, LSG, CCC, For further information on these demonstrations please contact the relevant organizers directly - contact details provided below)

There will be actions across Europe to demand the freedom of movement and settlement, immediate closure of detention camps, an end to deportations, the right to work, an end to slavery and exploitation.

Manifesto for the 30/31st January 2004

We, women, men and children who are Sans-Papiers, immigrants and refugees as well as all those concerned with human rights, are determined to strengthen and enlarge the global long term struggle against repression, detention centres, exploitation, sexism, racism and all other discrimination, violence and slavery.

At the European level, we demand:

* Freedom of movement and settlement.

* Immediate closure of all detention camps in all European countries.

* An end to all deportations.

* The right to citizenship and permanent residency for all, in all European countries, including equal access to social, economic, cultural and political rights for all.

* Implementation of a real right to asylum, including official recognition of rape and other forms of sexual violence as persecution and therefore grounds for asylum.

* An end to exploitation and neo-slavery, and the right to work based on the same entitlements as the workers in the country where we settle.

* Unconditional regularisation (right to stay) for all Sans-Papiers.

* For children; the right to live with their family in the community, receive free schooling and health care and to end deportations of unaccompanied children and young people.


Friday 30th January Two Demos in London - Parliament/Daily Mail

Protest Outside Parliament - Friday 30th January 2004

To call for a "Blunkett Amnesty" unconditional, for all asylum seekers and those migrants without status

Called by: Save-Our-Souls-Immigration-Discrimination (SOSID)
Venue -St Stephens Gate Parliament
Time - 11.00am to 2.00pm - Friday 30th January 2004
More details @

Protest at the Daily Mail - Friday 30th January 2004
Friday 30 January, 5.30-7.00pm
Called by CDAS
Protest at the Daily Mail, Derry Street (nearest tube, High Street Kensington)
The Mail, with its 100-year history of anti-immigration propaganda, has helped set the government's asylum agenda.
More details @ mailto:


Saturday 31 January Three Demos - Lindholme/Oxford/Waterloo

Mass leaflet Waterloo Station - Saturday 31 January 2004
Called by CDAS
Mass leaflet Waterloo Station - Saturday Midday-2.00pm
Assemble under the concourse clock
Waterloo Station's "Reception Centre" alongside the Eurostar Terminal is one of the main symbols of the government's anti-asylum seeker apparatus
More details @ mailto:

Noise Demo @ Lindholme Removal/Detention Centre Saturday 31st January 2004
Called by Lindholme Support Group (LSG)
Meet 12 noon @ Tyrham Hall Hotel, South Yorkshire, on the A614 south of Hatfield Woodhouse

Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre - Saturday 31 January 2004
12 noon to 2pm
Called by Campaign to Close Campsfield (CCC)
Langford Lane, Kidlington,
Bill 01865 558145

The full text of the manifesto:

'Towards a convergence, a coming together of the struggles of Sans Papiers, refugees and migrants in Europe'
Can be accessed @

Source for this message: European Social Forum, SOSID, CDAS, LSG, CCC

NCADC News Service


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