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31 jan 02 - noborder camp in malaga

transmitter | 13.01.2004 22:09 NoBorder Camp | Border Camps | Migration

A European noborder action day is called for 31 January 2004. This happens to be the second anniversary of the eviction of a small noborder protest camp in Malaga - here's a roundup:

On 31 January 2002, police evicted a noborder protest camp outside the Malaga detention centre in the south of Spain. Two protesters were seriously beaten up and arrested, one of them threatened with expulsion [report | diary].

Activists immediately launched an international fax campaign to prevent his deportation from Spain [roundup].

Many Spanish and international groups, including an anti-racist group in Germany and the Radical Dairy Social Center in London, supported the campaign.

In the following weeks, the case was trailing in buerocracy - an appeal was lost, the activist had to sign on at the police station regularly etc. [1 | 2]

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