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Noise Demo @ Lindholme Refugee Detention Centre

Notts EF! | 12.01.2004 14:57 | Migration | Repression

Noise Demo, Saturday 31st January @ Lindholme Refugee Detention Centre. European Day of Action against Refugee Detention and for Migrant Rights!, Meet 12 noon @ Tyrham Hall Hotel, South Yorkshire, on the A614 south of Hatfield Woodhouse

Saturday 31st January is a Europe Wide Day of Action against Refugee Detention
and for Migrant Rights. There will be actions at Refugee Detention Centres
throughout Britain. As part of this day there will be a noise demo outside
Lindholme Refugee Detention Centre.

Why A Noise Demo?

The government's "detention estate" is a horrible human rights abuse. People
are imprisoned without charge, time limit or trial, with no proper reason

It is part of a climate of racism and persecution of "immigrants" that is
making human beings "illegal". Detention is used to try and intimidate migrants
into accepting deportation and to put people off coming to Britain at all. By
taking our protests to the gates of detention centres we can communicate with
the people inside, sending messages of support that can break through the
fences erected to keep people isolated.

Why Lindholme?

Lindholme Detention Centre is a wing of HMP Lindholme, near Doncaster, South
Yorkshire, run by the prison service. It holds up to 112 men aged 21 and over.
A prison inspectors' report in April 2003 revealed that staff routinely imposed
random strip-searches after visits. Detainees are also strip-searched on
admission to the detention centre as a matter of routine, without any reason
given. Staff at this former prison treat detainees as offenders, rather than
recognising that they have not been convicted of any crime. There is a prison
atmosphere with detainees being made to wear prison clothes. Thier own money is
withheld from them and channelled into prison-like 'incentive schemes'. The
report describes poor food, heating and healthcare, and intimidation and
hostility. Detainees there do not feel safe

Bring what you'd like to find: Musical Instruments, Loud Hailers, Voices,
Saucepans, Things to make a Noise with; Wool, Balloons, Coloured Paper, Banners
Things to Decorate the fence with.

Needed: Help with Transport.

For more details, offers of transport, or if you need transport, please phone
`The Sumac Centre'

0845 458 9595 or


or check out


M18 Eastbound Junction 5,

M180 Eastbound

Junction 1, A18 towards Hatfield, Take the A614 on the left towards Hatfield

Tyrham Hall Hotel is on lefthand side after Hatfield Woodhouse.

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