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"March Against the Murderers"

imc uk | 28.12.2003 00:00 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Huntingdon, Sat Dec 6th. Around 400 people assembled in Huntingdon with one purpose – to give a clear message that institutionalised animal torture will not be tolerated.

The protesters began assembling in Riverside car park around midday, where they were greeted by police officers thrusting video cameras in their faces as they left their vehicles, and a police helicopter circling overhead. The protesters browsed animal rights merchandise and vegan food, or watched videos played on a mobile screen which showed horrific footage from inside the infamous Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory, including images of beagle puppies being punched and sworn at as they screamed in terror, and inspiring footage of the past actions of animal rights activists.

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huntingdon march
huntingdon march


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