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Jihad Culture Cannot Be Changed

Charles | 28.12.2003 09:31 | Culture | Repression | World

Pakistan's Federal Information Minister says that anyone who challenges the culture of jihad has no place in Islam. (Hat tip: Jihad Watch.)

LAHORE: Federal Information Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad told a Pakistani television channel on Friday that one of the attackers of Thursday’s suicide bomb attack on President Musharraf seemed to be a foreigner. He also said the jihadi culture in Pakistan could not be changed and he who denied jihad had no place in Islam, adding "But whether or not it is jihad can only be decided by the State."



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why do peeps listen to these parasites

30.12.2003 12:45

"But whether or not it is jihad can only be decided by the State."

..or be interperated by the state. enough reason for any self respecting muslim to tell the demagogues to take a running jump.


Why not change Islam then?

31.12.2003 19:57

Wouldn't it be better to change Islam? I always thought it was a bit shortsighted to suggest that Mohammed was the Seal of the Prophets. What about Paracelsus? What about young Gerrard Winstanley? Can we not interpret the diggers as trying to institute the Umma despite lacking all the scriptural references of the Koran? Certainly, English protestants greeted the publication of the Koran in translation with the commendation that it was an attempt to reform the true religion even if it failed.

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