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Video Clip of Alternative Carol Singing in Manchester

Chris Edwards | 24.12.2003 16:14 | Anti-militarism | Repression

This action took place on 2oth Dec 2003 in the pouring rain.

To watch the broadband video clip of the altenative carol singing outside central Manchester Marks and Spencers go to:

Chris Edwards


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anything but realplayer?

25.12.2003 15:36

is there someway of putting these videos into a format that will play without using realplayer? I don't know why, but realplayer won't launch and crashes my computer. is it difficult for it to be put in a way that windowsmedia player can read (and yes, i know its shit but my computer can run it without the blue screen of death)


Real Alternative

25.12.2003 20:18

You're right, RealPlayer is a truly crap piece of software. Not only does it crash if you glare at it, it also is loaded with spyware that reports your viewing activities to a central site collecting marketing info.

Fortunately there is an alternative available for viewing RealVideo streams: the "Real Alternative" player, which is Free Software. You can download it here:

Real Alternative is part of the "guliverkli" project, and includes Media Player Classic, which is also free. It also plays DVDs, and other audio & video.

Try uninstalling RealPlayer, and replacing it with Real Alternative.

Hope that helps,



27.12.2003 09:14

Thanks spanner. It works!!!
and nice one people for singing in the rain...