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Britain , bad model for asylum issues in EU.

Werner | 23.12.2003 21:38 | World

The new rules against asylum seekers are brutal. People are evicted from homes and hostels into cold winter streets and must sleep rough. Defenders of humanity in other countries of the EU fear, other countries will follow the bad British model.

Still two years ago Britain was top in humanity for asylum seekers in the EU.
Today, Britain had taken the lead in brutal rules against asylum seekers in the EU.
And those is terrible, because also other EU-countries may take Britain as model and adopt this brutal rules.

Some years ago, Germany and other countries were leaders in hard new rules against asylum seekers. However, the last hard line (the last line of humanity) had been reached and now the Labour Government of Britain had taken the lead. and this new rules of the Labour Government are not only hard, the new rules are brutal and below last line of humanity.

If people (men and women, also people who are in medical care) are evicted from homes and hostels and must sleep rough in subzero temperatures this is brutal.

Some people also just wonder that organizations like the National Asylum Support Service, Refugee Arrivals project (a charity), Refugee Council are the helpers in practice for these evictions.

It is also not understandable.that the Labour Government -as it seems - is not interested on a possible humane way, which helps the people, manages the some results and is even less expensive.



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