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URGENT: Bad news for Simon Chapman's case

Alex from IMC Athens | 17.12.2003 17:30 | London

Today we learned that the prosecutor (eisaggeleas) decided to close the inquiry against the police that put molotov cocktails in a black bag and then said that this was Simon's bag

Today we learned that the prosecutor (eisaggeleas, kind of a judge) decided to close the inquiry against the police that put molotov cocktails in a black bag and then said that this was Simon's bag.

The prosecutor also says that the videos [that was aired live that day, June 21st, by a state-owned television channel] and the photos, were all "made up"!

Even more, he says that the police did not act brutally, and that Simon Chapman was injured as he was trying to escape! While, in both the video and the photos, we can see the riot police beat Chapman who has blood all over his face...

Even worst, that means that things will be very difficult for all 7 people arrested in Thessaloniki. Simon's case was pretty clear and now a blind judge refuses to see the clear truth. We can imagine what is next!

Alex from IMC Athens
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17.12.2003 19:28

shite news.


Lets start thinking about what to do next

18.12.2003 14:58

It was great that a large number of people started to get actively show solidarity with the hunger strikers as their condition began to be critical. But this active solidarity started at a really late stage. I think its really important that we start thinking now about where we go with this 'campaign'. Its important that we keep up the pressure on the Greek state and the profile of the case of the 7 (and the other 20 odd that face charges!!!) and not just wait until the day of the trial/possible conviction to get active on this issue again. I don't have any particularly innovative ideas. Perhaps a big demo in front of the Embassy at some point in January/February (ie: with time to properly mobilsie for it), coupled with smaller actions aroudn the country would be as good a strategy as any.

There was a really good support group in London, perhaps if they could post up any ideas/plans they have for what to do, and those of us who were active (or not) in other parts of the country could try and tie our plans in with that it'd be a good starting point. Or if anyone else (the Leeds group seemed very organised - for example) has any ideas let's start sharing them now and not wait till the last minute.

niki salo

Prosecute the Camera Team

19.12.2003 20:09

The Judge is an honourable man who has obviously seen the Scientific evidence to know for sure that the film was faked. Why has he not had the cameraman and the backup team arrested? It is disgraceful that just because they are TV employees they are allowed to get away with attempting to besmirch the good name of the Greek Police.

Let us see them imprisoned. There can be no Justice in Greece otherwise.

With the Olympics coming up you would think the Greeks would be very anxious to prove their integrity. Corrupt Policemen, corrupt Cameramen, and corrupt Judges should all face long terms in prison, loss of pension, and social ostracism. Which are Guilty?