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Re: PHONY DEbatecleaned UP! Post incls. NEW oil,oaths,womenVote remarks + link

KucitiZEN + Others | 14.12.2003 17:04 | WSIS 2003 | Culture

Applause for Dennis at events the day after,the remarks broke into public AWAREness in a dramatic Way , a powerful impression simply seeking to imperatively broaden debate,-from Democracy NOW interview where executive top down decision called it mudanely?the exec. said the protests were unfair and UNfortunate,Trickle-Down Reality Control, we SAY Bubble up Truth,People of the Web---Close the Wisdom Gap!

Mrs. braun was shocked saying this reflects the best government money can Buy RIGamorro, cutting off voices of Blacks,Latinos and others who understand that maternalistic,"partnership" societies prospered in ancient times in Peace, Sustainability and balance with Nature for millenia. HieARCHAICal "dominator" societies advanced but stifling technology and material wealth and greed controlled modus -operandi definately does not imply advanced Spiritual health.

Summary: Is this the Turning Point? The Force of True Ideas RIPPLES through the "Game" reality as Crowd Cheers as Focus Moves-On Forward toward Substantive issues! One BSdetectives Analysis. eg; Edwards Vogued, while Lieberman contradicts himself withi ONE sentence, Koppel points out Deception by the Doctor, It's Obscene when Dean says he will? STOP THE WAR machine, Gephardt seesm to want to hug a vote out of ya' and ALSHARPton finishes off Ted KopPOLL saying SNLive ratings are higher than Nightline, Believe Me, WATCH THIS

Gephardt tries real hard but the gesturing Kind of makes one feel their something lacking or compromised as it seems like he needs to squeeze ,hug ,massage or headlock ya' to get the vote.
Lieberman tries to Hit some themes and is a fairly good speaker,in fact almost as many hits as his website gits, he just seemed a little desperate and unstable.

Clark is scary,Why/ I'm not sure if I really want to know, But whats even scary is that people are listening, he talked about being Lethal and what was that about going to the Moon/,and yeah he wants to Win an Earthquake too.
"I'm a product of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned you about," quote from
Clark's True Colors by Matt Taibbi,captivating writer and a KEEPER on Clark at

Kerry is tough, sometimes on the verge of meanness, and brings up forceful points,in a commanding speech style, but since Dennis is even tougher in a fairer, more actualized,unflappable and yet Kind understanding way CONSIDER, wealthy plutocratic Politicos didn't give THEIR Mom's the right to vote till 1920.The only oath that counts for loyalty to the People is the ONE taken to defend the Constitution.

HERE IS LINK to video of debate or clips or Which Platform do YOU Really want , need in the Drivers seat???

WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? cool mp3 song with peter russell and here is my TESTIMOmentumIAL for DENNIS JOHN KUCINICH
speech given at gathering friday on public square before main speeches,dagmar,the japanese lady and especially dale miller gave excellent speeches and jonathan's remarks on his Xpeeriences on the road and the point that Peace already exists Thou just needs help in manifesting by compassion and the opening of hearts .

What these wonderful beautiful walkers are accomplishing is phenomenal, historical, inspiring and legendary, a mobilizing snowball potential, in support I wrote the best testimonial i could for dennis kucinich,
DJK is the leading spokesperson for the movements of Global peace,Environmental protection,Economic justice,Social justice,Living wages,UNiversal health care and Education.The other candidates and supporters are about a new personality cult or brand name to be marketed and sold to passive voters. dennisspeaks to activism and grassroots to assist ,join in and take back our country.REAL people in charge again, this is not about one person,Each is the Architect of this World,Become the President of your own Life,Future. Genuiness,Integrity,Independence of the individual in enlightened service of All for One and One for All.
Bush and the irrepublicansponsibility party are heading in the wrong direction at 65mph, DNC candidates will only slow that down to 45mph going the wrong way!
Peace is a civil right, a condition of Peace allows all other rights to flourish and be guaranteed.
Peace = Sustainability, Sustainability IS Profitable
Dennis and his constituency will slash the bloated military budget by 15%, HE IS the Only one saying this, He will reign in on corporate dominance of our future, NAFTA and GATT don't work for people, the evidence is striking in the lost jobs.
more people protested than ever before, people who never raised their voice did this time proving progressive real reform is desired
He is inspiring enough to bring non-voters to come back into the process.
He is the only one acknowledging the Psywarfare tactics of fear and keeping people onedge and apart, this is not good for individual health, communal health, Trust ,Aliveness will Flower as fear ends and hope begins, Happiness is needed for a robust economic life and necessary for growth, Happiness is also mentioned TWICE in the Declaration of Independence!!!
a FIsT or an OPEN hand?
as each of us chooses so becomes the WORLD--

DENNIS!'s excellent writings sharing ideas,concerns and HOPEs for reBUILDing this LAND and Intellectual Landscape, so WE can be enthusiastic that this CruiseShip USA proSEEDS full steam ahead in good and just directions/Paths. He is the only CANDIDate who REALly Cares, Thinks and Speaks from the Heart. We do not need anymore incrementalist thinking or CONtrived market researched platforms or poSITions. Many are NOW AWAKE and Quantum Leaps FORWARD are NOW possible,Necessary,vital and Yearned for, the enemy is an OUTdated MindSet, and Reductionist assumptions about the magical and BLESSed Human Race.

here is the leadup to the poem:


Poem for Elizabeth and the unofficial USA+, the unofficial web of smiles

Doing our Homework to get back HOME
a young lady named Smart came back Home
gone 9 months, the gestation period
Now a New Life , beautiful, Serious
the message of this is THUS
IT's JUST its Time its just in time
Heartsmart people take charge of this Earth Home
Intelligence, Benevolence, understanding FORWARD up to thE Throne

this is a question I had prepared to ask at the Case Western Reserve interactive discussion:

"I have a question that regards a point you made in your speech in your appearance with Danny Glover and Barbara Lee in California
But I have to say it was great connecting wth you and your lively campaign staff at the east side office last week, and it's been seventeen years since I first met you when you attended my Grandfather's funeral. And then over the next three days I participated in three events with the wonderful Walkers who are spreading your message and the massage of peace across the country. Now, I believe it's been the third time my neighbors and I have watched your gala speech at which is a great audio/video anthology, not even affiliated with the campaign. The part that stuck (and once again your crystal clear analysis moved me to go to the Cleveland Heights Library, call it up, and take notes) regards your observations about pragmatism and idealism. And which of these has moved America forward, and I think this is what sets you apart from the DNC candidates, the "Corporate" candidates.

Talking points:
Regarding department of peace: When discussing defense issues, wars, etc., if the department of peace had a representative along with the Pentagon and the administration in the formulation of policy, it's quite possible on the news shows that these voices would be granted interviews giving the public more options. As we know, 80-90% of the guests are either from the administration or are ex-military or Think (s)Tanks and I'm sure that there are studies that point this out, we're over innundated with people that are talking up war for selfish or profit-motivated reasons, and they say that if the news media had done their job, we would not have had this war. Democracy breathes upon the informed consent of the governed.

I like it that you're the only one talking about the manipulation of peoples' emotions as a necessary control mechanism for unpopular policies. One individual's thoughtful, caring, intellingent dissent is considered suspect when manipulating the minds and emotions Of Millions? is okay? There is an indian proverb that reflects what you've been saying. Basically it goes like this:
"The elder sees that the student has two wolve3s in conflict inside of him. One is the wolf of fear, anger and despair. The other is the wolf of love, hope and giving. The student asks "whch one will win out?" the elder replies, "whichever one you feed."

Potential Futures philosopher-Diane Harvey from the meaning of Labor .htm
spirit and stardust-
Soul of the Worker-
Breaking the sPELL of fear:

UNUSUAL rare speech by kucinich
please read all u can by DIane at columnists section especially about the media and cartoon-like MEMES in her article Juggernaut Rising-The Disintegration of Dystopia
as many Wise up, more Rise UP, cause the skies UP not falling, chicken
1917Timeless analysis
want to Love Laugh Live Life so well death would tremble to take you up SEE! SWAMI BEYONDANANDA State of the UNiverse speech or his declaration of all out peace! AT--
you will learn the Hokey-pokey once again!
if any wealthy philanthropic citizens are the least bit MOVED by any of this
ARTicle on Money-Motivated Media Manipulation.....susan@macbacks
Madison IMC:

askin' Kucinich for CAPITULATION SHARE! this compELATION! TESTIFY
so that The DREAMS! will NOT die...
REAL eyes
real LIES!
NO! incremenTALISM ANd GateKEEPers
above references How values, opinions and beliefs are CONtrolled in demo/plutocratic SOCIETY'S

DEANception by Ohmission at:

ARTickle by FORMER staUNch conSERVE--Itive

Others who switched, ISN'T SO SIMPLE to just change ONEs Mind

three videos!!!
take BACK! America, truely RouSING
I'm gonna lie like TED said near the end of the DEbait


new myth for OUR species The Creation of Consciousness

People of The Web CLOSE the Wisdom Gap
CultureJamCleveLand, start a CultureJam inyr commUNiTY

money or Moxie
cash or Creativity
hubris or HeART
brawn or Brains
mool ah' or mAnnA

here! Kucinich's remarks from the deBAIT


Starting a thread on my THEORY that the MAJOR MEDIA NETWORKS are 100 percent responsible in ADMINISTERING the BASIC initial "ingredients" in the breakdown in the infrastructure of our sociopolitical systems with the purpose of inciting conflict at the very core of "self" and the interpersonal relationship in the environment of "others" creating a verile auger for the infected mind in the face of the upcoming war.

I was very aware of the intentions of of our presidents father in 1990 when he delivered his war closing statements. All I need to say is "Military Industrial Complex". Frankly..It grossed me out. Just proir to the "C E N S U S" raking it's teeth through our population there were signs suddenly popping up in the media and propaganda netwerks that were very apparently designed to "polarize"..."detangle" if you will, our "cultures" political tangle into TWO opposing side being Republican and the other side being everything else NOT republican(things revolving aroung the Bush agenda)...
Now...going back to just before the C E N S U S...TV netwerks suddenly started airing "game shows" where internal conflict and competion caused otherwise perfectly normal functioning humans to HATE EACH OTHER AND WORK AGAINST EACH OTHER to "win".
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire al
I watched my friends become ABSORBED into these rediculously insulting social propaganda games and was immedialtely aware that there was a subliminal affect taking over within my friends "personal" social groups that mirrored the conflict to a "T" that was being GENERATED by these "programs".

I began to voice my "opinion" that these game shows are preparing us for a "breakdown in society" and that these shows are "inciting conflict" where there otherwise "should be none".

Keep in mind CONFLICT is ARTificial ,tool to frustrate,confuse and control---listen audio link What do we really want?
weren't we all born as Angels?

Serendipitously found this letter to the UN early this year in random search! comes from the UNITED KINGDOM, note quote from Nelson Mandela happens to be First thing I ever felt compelled to Officially recite in Public in this current stage of Life,,

Imc-uk-reports] ENOMY?=...MONEY$ People First in the 21st
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re:message sent to UN e-mail addresses provided by EARTHRAINBOWNETWORK
calling to STAND UP for everything that MATTERS

Who do we choose to be?

By Paul Jenkinson
Online Journal Contributing Writer (Australia)

March 6, 2003—And so, the question before us now in these troubled and
turbulent times, as it has always been, is: "Who do we choose to be?"

These are exciting days, albeit in a scary apocalyptic kind of way. Never
before in the entire planetary minute, the sweeping cosmic instant, that is
humanities trumpeted existence, have we stood so close to such possibilities
of collective conscious creation as we do now.

Our self-proclaimed technological wonders, for, who else is there to
proclaim them such, and if there were others who could pass judgement on
such things, what is to say that all our glories would not appear as
anything more than the industrious workings and collective will of an
unusually large species of a rather destructive ant? Who knows, perhaps to
these other eyes that is exactly how we appear, after all we share far more
in common with the ant than we would care to admit, or are able to see
through the rose colouring of all our might, posturing and industry.

Our technological wonders now afford, to those privileged enough to afford
them and luckily this number now easily constitutes critical mass, for
humanity to communicate with each other across seemingly vast distances of
space and time virtually instantaneously. Curiously there are many who
believe and have evidence to suggest that this is a gift that we possess
innately. For a common, everyday example of this gift think of a time when
you have thought about someone only to have that person call you on the
phone an instant later—coincidence, fluke, random chance? Perhaps this
actually represents a tiny unconscious intuitive glimmer into the window of
much deeper, vaster possibilities that lie dormant within us all. Didn't
Jesus repeatedly say words to the effect of: that which I do/am, so too can
you do/be?

Funnily enough, of all the 'gaps' that are now widening: rich and poor,
consumption and resources, population and space, lifestyle and
sustainability, there is one that is ever closing: science and spirituality.
I have no doubt that on the splendid day when these two complete their
inevitable convergence there will be many who will come together on that
bridging of knowledge and truth to share a good long laugh.

This newfound ability to liaise easily, cheaply and quickly with each other
via television, radio, phone, internet etc. continues to exponentially
increase the amount of information available for our consumption, and we
have come to love consuming.

It is ironic that the most significant danger inherent in this information
explosion is posed by the very institutions of 'powe,' governments,
corporations, mass media, organised religion, etc., that seek to control it.
Witness their misguided efforts to control and influence the channels and
substance of this information and which portions of it are then deemed
appropriate for our consumption.

Look no further than the creation of 'propaganda dissemination' departments
installed by the most powerful government currently on earth. The carefully
orchestrated and manipulated press briefings that spew continuously from
democratically elected governments. The deliberate misrepresentation of the
truth by all 'power' institutions, the willingness of our mainstream media
to compliantly relay these messages to the masses. The vested interests
inherent in the capitalist system that affects such things as: editorial
content of daily newspapers heavily reliant on corporate advertising for
revenue, political decisions influenced by campaign dollars and powerful
lobby groups to overturn or ignore such common sense and vital legislation
as the Kyoto protocol ratification (this despite thousands of the worlds
most eminent ecological scientists signing documentation detailing the human
causes and looming catastrophic consequences of global warming!) The
unconscious co-ordination of these 'power' groups to adopt and reiterate
rhetoric and propaganda that sees people passionate enough about our dying
environment to do something about it labeled 'eco-terrorists,' or peoples so
desperate to escape persecution and poverty that they would risk their
meagre life savings and their lives for the chance of a better life for
their families labeled as 'illegals' (and then they get locked away in
detention centres that the press are not allowed to enter!)

There is such a wealth of evidence available regarding these machinations it
strikes me as incredible that ordinary people don't demand answers, changes,
openness, transparency, etc. Yet, in a strange way this mass apathy is the
most compelling proof of the insidious, infectious and successful nature of
these systemic interventions and attempts to control and manipulate
information and its dissemination and hence our very thoughts, values and
beliefs. We are not taught or encouraged to reason, argue, question or think
outside of the acceptable parameters set by 'officialdom.' We are
continually sold the idea that a new 'something' (car, house, wife, runners,
etc) is the answer to our increasingly common malaise and unhappiness. This
despite the seemingly self-evident fact that it is not. Not surprisingly,
most of the institutions of 'power' are not rushing to dispel the false
notion that consumerism equals happiness.

Organised religion does not support this consumer-based agenda, I hear you
say, and that is largely true as it lies outside its field of influence or
concern. However, organised religion has it's own misleading ways of
creating and maintaining unhappiness and dependence. Any reflection at all
on the concept of a vengeful, angry, retribution seeking God to be feared
and obeyed (surely a contradiction in terms?), an idea peddled by all
mainstream organised religions, highlights where religion has found and
keeps its hook.

Despite this situation more and more people are 'waking up' and actively
responding to these distortions of reality. Witness the recent unprecedented
globally coordinated mass rallies against the imminent threat of war
attended by millions of concerned citizens all over the world. Also witness
these peoples' democratically elected governments, in the UK, US, Australia
and elsewhere, doing all they can to discredit and ignore the overwhelming
opinions and will of their constituents. Look to the rise of the 'new age'
movement and the incredible popularity of and resonance found within works
by many wonderful writers, including Noel Donald Walsh and Paulo Coelho for
example. Of course major religions denounce or simply ignore such works of
inspiration whilst maintaining outdated policies, such as disallowing
contraceptives, which clearly do not advance the well being of substantial
numbers of their followers, let alone the wider world which we all share.

Interesting juxtapositions, interesting times.

Reading the memoirs, or listening to speeches, or looking to famous quotes,
of the worlds most successful people in any field of endeavour and one is
struck by the similarities of the message they give to those that would
follow their lead. Here is but a fragment of relevant and applicable

"Seek to be the change you wish to see"—Ghandi

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is
love and inspiration I don't think you can go wrong."—Ella Fitzgerald

"He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens."—Carl Jung

"As is our confidence, so is our capacity."—William Hazlitt

"I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you
want, forge ahead. If you think it's going to rain, it will."—Clint Eastwood

"Obstacles cannot crush me: every obstacle yields to stern
resolve."—Leonardo Da Vinci

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within

"There is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by
contrast. Nothing exists in itself."—Herman Melville

"I see Jesus Christ in every person."—Mother Theresa

The common themes in all these inspiring words are: with perseverance and
self belief anything is possible, we can create whatever life we wish, the
ability to do anything or be anybody is dormant within us all, strength of
conviction will win the day and that reality is ours to manipulate! This is
powerful, frightening stuff.

Nelson Mandela's beautifully haunting words are apt:

"Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we
are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most
frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of
God: your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing
enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around
you. We were born to make manifest of the glory of God within us. It is not
just in some of us, it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we
unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are
liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others."

All these, and countless other similar expressions from equally heralded
figures, are all individual reflections and insights on this particular
aspect of the true nature of reality. These reflections, despite their
differences of perspective, tone and understanding, are all observations on
this profound and deeply spiritual truth. It is no coincidence that most, if
not all, of histories most influential, successful and truly powerful people
have shared an understanding, at whatever level of depth, of this truth. Put
as simply as I am capable of, this truth is: we create reality.

How does this work? I will attempt to explain my current, limited
understanding of the mechanics that govern this law. All our actions stem
from our beliefs. Our beliefs are derived from our deepest held, innermost,
often unconscious, sponsoring thoughts and feelings. Ultimately all
sponsoring thoughts and feelings derive themselves from one of two
perspectives: love or fear. In other words: everything we feel, think, say
and do is governed by whether we act out of love or fear. Therefore, if we
consciously choose to always behave in accordance with our knowledge and
abilities to practice these laws, we will make manifest whatever reality we

"Seek to be the change you wish to see." Ghandi provides a fine example of a
man who lived his life in constant accordance with this principle, coming as
he did from a sponsoring thought and feeling of love, to make his reality
manifest in the wider world. Hitler provides another example of a man who
lived his life in accordance with this principle, out of a sponsoring
thought and feeling of fear, to make his reality manifest in the wider
world. Luckily in Hitler's instance the wider world eventually decided that
this reality was not an acceptable one and acted to change it.

For a far more comprehensive and eloquent explanation of this I would refer
you to the inspiring "Conversations with God" works of Neale Donald Walsh.

To pro-actively, consciously implement this truth/principle/law continuously
in every aspect of our daily lives is the goal of our individual and
collective evolution. This is the highest state of consciousness, or
'being,' that we can aspire to. Buddhists label such people within their
belief system 'enlightened.'

Choosing, and constantly reaffirming that choice, all day every day, is the
path to inner well-being, contentment, happiness and finally unbridled joy.
There are many examples of people who successfully achieve this, from well
known inspirational figures such as the Dalai Lama, to the unknown social
worker or mother of three living down your street. We all know the ones,
they have 'shiny' eyes, a constant smile and a presence about them that is
tangible, we see them on peak hour trains and envy them their peace and joy.

This truth operates at the individual and group level and the great secret
is that it is everyone's birthright. Another great secret of this truth is:
it does not matter what we feel, think, or do, so long as it is in
accordance with who we say we choose to be.

In reality, we are continuously defining ourselves to the world as the
latest version and vision of who it is we choose to be.

In these troubled and turbulent times perhaps you could spare some time to
reflect on these questions: who do I choose to be and am I behaving in
accordance with that choice? What does our collective society say it chooses
to be and are we behaving in accordance with that choice?

SOS Save us from Our Saviors
This is the 21st century we don't want to repeat the war,famine and
pestilence of the last century
we are doing Our homework to get back Home
The millenium celebrations People,Music,Dance and one earth spirit were
We need international help , we cannot Live and put up with and Work in a
police State
we want unhindered,non-manipulated,Creative,Symbiotic,Natural Evolution
Mass Media Feeding Mass Mania, we are rich country full of pioneering
ingenuity, we do not accept the fearful victimized attitudes continually
foisted UPon the masspsyche I have moral fortitude and Deep Gratitude
Refuse to sell short the Human Race,never doubt the power of Truth,the
Desire,Pressure of the Human Spirit or the Respect for the Primacy of
Foreign policy? nothing is foreign must be called PLANETARY POLICY
Peace and Truth HAVE KISSED! -a brother

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