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Guatanamo Bay coming soon to a street near you. Defend the right to protest.

heather | 13.12.2003 17:35

Defend the right to protest. Meet at Friends meeting House Manchester 11am Saturday 17th January to discuss and decide on actions.Early thoughts on this are to create a detention centre on Market St and
invite people in. There would be different rooms each on a theme. The idea
was to be creative and to shock people into realising this is not about
people somewhere on the other side of the world. Its about them. This could
be co-ordinated with other forms of protest, like internet action, fax
action etc.
These were just early thoughts. The purpose of getting together on the 17th
Jan is so that, hopefully, people with lots of different interests as
individuals and/or from different organisations will pool skills and ideas
so, instead or as well as groups acting alone (which makes people
vulnerable), we can support others and pull something together.

You are invited to a meeting of Manchester Social Forum to discuss taking action against the Civil Contingences Bill
17th January Saturday at 11am. This is a day of discussion with different concerned individuals, groups and organisations with the purpose of networking together and creating action against the Civil Contingencies Bill.

The Civil Contingences Bill (now being
rushed to parliament) will give the government the
power to arrest and detain you for a criminal
offence for criticizing government policy. The
government may or may not choose to exercise this
power. Allowing government the potential power to
destroy our civil liberties in this manner seriously
undermines the principles of democracy in this

If the government decides that a situation exists
that presents a serious threat to the welfare of the
population, the political or economic stability of
this country, the environment or security of any
part of the UK, the government can effectively turn
Britain into a military state. Key parts of the
Human Rights Act can be bypassed or suspended
without the authority of parliament.
This means:

Widespread detention of any suspected group or
Countrywide security checks
Increased police surveillance
Seizure of property

Similar powers have already been rushed through in
the USA after 9/11.

There are already foreign nationals in prison in
this country, some imprisoned since 2001, under
anti-terrorism laws without charge or trial. The
Civil Contingences Bill will have the potential to
extend this hideous, inhuman, undemocratic, practice
to UK citizens.

The Civil Contingencies Bill in full is at:

If you are hoping to come, please let me know. Thanks. Apologies to anyone who gets this email more than once.

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