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WSIS: Todays Performance At The Geneva Polymedia Lab

geneva state theatre review | 09.12.2003 14:15 | WSIS 2003 | Globalisation | Indymedia | Repression

Polymedia Lab: Live Performance Earlier Today

By now you have missed the Special State Funded Live Performance at the Polymedia Lab!

polymedia lab venue raided and shut down
polymedia lab venue raided and shut down

This morning, a "special live performance" has been on at the Polymedia Lab, illustrating some critical issues of the information society.

The organisers managed to win one of the most highly respected "street theatre" groups in Geneva. Dressed up in full robocop riot gear, this renowned intervention group visited the Polymedia Lab to illustrate critical themes of communication rights. No doubt aware of the recent inclusion of a paragraph about infowar in the communications rights charter due to be presented at the World Forum of Communication Rights this thursday, the group shut down the venue, where a series of presentations and workshops on communication rights were due to take place.

What followed was a fine performance as the media activists and participants from Civil Society acted out their famous abilities of grass roots improvisation, setting up impromptu film screenings outside the venue, as others held inside negotiated through the minefield of political control that was being expertly illustrated.

While the whole performance has now finished, its effects will continue to be felt with the Polymedia Lab now having been moved at the last minute after agreements with the authorities.

No doubt this event will be discussed within the WSIS circles and the whole performance was perhaps the best illustration of the difficulties, risks, and challenges that we are all facing as we strive for an information society based on the freedom to communicate.

geneva state theatre review


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