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Polimedia Lab homeless?

Geneva03 | 09.12.2003 10:32 | WSIS 2003

Geneva, Tuesday, 9th of december. At around 10 am, 15 media activists at the Polimedia Lab were surprised by a visit of the owner of the Mamco building, where the Lab is located. The owner was seemingly not aware that the activists had permission of the tenant to use the building during the We Seize!-event.

The owner called the police, who told the media activists to leave the premises and take their equipment as well. Otherwise, the activists inside would not be allowed to leave at all.

Currently, the people inside the Lab are discussing the situation and trying to reach consensus of what action should be taken. In the meantime, participants of We Seize! are making their way to the Polimedia Lab to support the media activists inside.

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