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The Official Story of Sherrywood Forest

Ake Tyvi | 04.12.2003 23:14 | Oxford

This beautiful bedtime story tells about The Sherrywood Forest.

December 5th, 2003

The Official Story of Sherrywood Forest

Finland - Long, long time ago, there was a place called Tampere. This place was famous of its communists and socialists, and it still is indeed. Further west you travel more they know stories from this place, and deeper east you travel, not a single comrade not missed the place.

Many rebels have taken place in this historical place - even one civil war has started from this place. All or most should I say educated by Soviet ideologists and all rebels caused by the very same Marxist ideology. Soon this place became so popular, that people started to call the place Sherrywood Forest.

In this forest, called a 'Sherrywood forest', were little villages around the forest. These forests were given such names like Valkeakoski, Toijala or Hämeenlinna. And people travelled in the forest from one place to another. And when ever they met alike, they educated all those 'wonderful things' they were agitated in by the Russian.

And like in each Sherrywood forest, there were Rodin Hood too in the woods; the most red were secretly calling themselves 'Robin Hoods'. They made openly jokes about their Robin Hoods' and were proud of those people they knew either live in the forest or on their forays.

A society or people with extreme power and influence; such as the Sheriff, court judges and lawyers, and university academical tool. There were even some common labour people, who were accepted to be called as 'Hobin Hoods'.

At first sight the Sherrywood forest is like any other forest, but when you take a closer look to this forest and its life, you soon realise, that this is the Sherrywood's secret; a Hobin Hood society filled with people taking from 'the rich and drinking it down their troath'. The forest was full of all kind of things you can imagine to spend other's money on. There were even some poor Christian people living in or next to the forest, but they were not wanted people; only those, who knew the secret code language - Marxism - were allowed to enter. Other were robbed for the 'common good' of some.

Robin's hobbing and lobbing from 'rich to poor' was none or nor. Poor to rich, gave you itch, and with wealth you chose rather bitch. No rich no bible, only itch, bottle and bitch. The mill, giving itch and pitch, became nil.

You may ask me now "how were I knew, have I met Robin, the man from the Sherrywood?", and I pass on to you this secret; if this death man still has his hat on, then he was a true Robin from the forest of Sherrywood. More can I help you, but let you know, they die the hat on. That is the way how we knew, who they were or are.

Robin, hop in, the robbing for the hobbing, became the hobbing for those hunting for Robin.


Ake Tyvi