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whats in aname?

mozaz | 04.12.2003 17:00 | Sheffield

whats in a name? at the anti war meeting over 25 people pontificated for over an hour about the name of this coalition..

why when there are people being killed every day? why when sisters, mothers, grandmothers are being raped and abused every day by the dark forces that are in occupation in iraq..

why when brothers, fathers, grandfathers are being beaten, held captive and tortured on a daily basis..

why when the people of iraq are still without proper electricity, water, food supply and medical care..

we take for granted our privilages in this first world nation we call the uk agreed.. take for granted we have the privilage to celebrate capitalist-mass and enjoy that day with our loved ones..

but do consider for a moment those at guantanamo bay, those in afghanstan, the people in iraq what are they facing this capitalist-mass? likewise for many in the third world what are they facing this capitalist-mass?

true there are thousands of innocent working class women, men, children held captive in the prison system of the uk - what will there capitalist-mass be like? what will the capitalist-mass of the thousands in poverty be like this capitalist-mass?

meanwhile we pontifacte over a name i sincerely ask why the fuck we do this? the only good point to come from that dire meeting was the vote to support the fight back against the rise of the bnp here in sheffield..

however theyre only words? we need to follow through this vote with action see the edition of socialist review published by the swp an excellant artical on the rise of the far right and stack on the back is so damm right about howard the new conservative leader..

yes i have disagreemant with the swp and would not support the whole context of the argument but they raise importent questions that we should all reply to? that is the rise of the bnp? the continued occupation of iraq and the rise of imperialism.. mass movements are fine (but i doubt they work?) but we need more than just pontification and words lets start the real action?




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