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Auntie goes WSIS...

fakelondongenius | 04.12.2003 00:17 | WSIS 2003 | Technology | Sheffield | World

The bloated and swollen BBC machine has lumbered into action as things start to heat up for next week's first ever World Summit on the Information Society held at the United Nations in Geneva.

For a general background to some of the positions held by participants at the forthcoming WSIS then the BBC's site gives a platform to several different viewpoints.

The Beeb seem to have a good grasp that it's all going to kick off, big time - but then they have been well briefed ;o)

"Political wrangling is threatening to derail the first United Nations summit aimed at bridging the digital divide. The aim of the World Summit on the Information Society is to come up with a global plan to ensure everyone has access to information and communications technologies."

One viewpoint from an NGO...

"One of the most significant achievements of the WSIS could be an international commitment to significantly increasing the effort dedicated to research on ICTs for the poor ."

The EU has lost the plot - but then that's the EU for you...

"ICT has the potential to develop a participative role for citizens in governance at the European, national, regional or local level, with the potential to strengthen."

Of course the business sector must be having a laugh or something...

"Business is seeking a clear commitment to creating an environment that is conducive to investment, both local and foreign direct investment."

And finally! Someone making sense...

"Governments have been unable to agree even a commitment to basic human rights standards as underpinning the information society "

And you know what? You can 'have your say' on "How can the digital divide be bridged?" by going to their website here:

Did someone say "radio phone-in"?

"We'll discuss the digital divide in our global phone-in programme Talking Point on Sunday 14 December. If you would like to take a part please include your phone number. Your personal details will not appear on the site."

I'll just be back in time for that from Geneva :o)