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Close Campsfield Now!

IMC Oxford | 30.11.2003 18:41 | Anti-racism | Migration | Oxford

A demonstration to close the Campsfield Detention Centre took place on Saturday 29th November at noon. The so-called "Campsfield House" is a large complex of buildings located near Kidlington, 6 miles from Oxford. The fences and barbed wire that surround it actually uncover the very nature of the place - a detention centre for people who committed no crime, but are still denied their basic rights.

From 150 to 300 people turned up and demonstrated to close Campsfield now. An Oxford and London based samba band sent its rhythms to give moral support to the detainees, while speakers from very different backgrounds talked to an equally heterogenous crowd. At 2 pm the crowd moved to Oxford, where the demonstration continued in Broad Street, the samba band music attracting a big crowd. Both in Campsfield and Oxford there was a heavy and intimidating police presence, which seemed totally unjustified given the peaceful and colourful nature of the protest.

Meanwhile, three banners mysterisouly appeared snagged high on the perimeter fence the night before, on the 28th. Stating "No One is Illegal", "No Deportations" and "No Detentions", these banners were clearly visible to detainees inside providing much needed morale boost for the asylum seekers.

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More pictures and video to come...

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