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Asahi Glass Protesters Harassed by Police

Mcr IMC | 01.01.2004 00:00 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Thornton, Lancaster, 22.11.2003. An Asahi Glass, demonstration that had been arranged with the Lancashire Police as under the terms of a court injunction (see was harassed today by around 25 police officers.

The Lancaster Animal Rights Group, (LARG) which arranged the demonstration, was first spied upon by police officers from behind their unmarked police car door. Their attempt to photograph the protesters was spotted and thwarted (by holding plackards in their way).

According to LARG, Ashashi Glass are a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences who pay to have 8 week old beagle puppies tortured.

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Later in December some smart manouvering by Fleetwood Animal Right's Alliance meant their protest went ahead unhindered by a court injunction or police and bailiffs.

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