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solidarity with hunger strikers- from dublin.

magpie collective | 26.11.2003 18:58 | Thessaloniki EU

solidarity action at greek embassy.

yesterday we began a 24 hour fast in solidarity with those in greece. we began at 12 midday at the dail(government buildings) and proceeded to the greek embassy, where we spent the next 24 hours surrounded by banners, flyers and black flags.....and for some reason we were constantly watched by some freaks in luminous yellow jackets.
we were frozen, soaked and starving but we had a good time and managed to inform hundreds/thousands of something that lacked any coverage in the irish media....
we were ignored and brushed off by greek diplomats and sneered at by police, although a wonderful greek woman was visibly inspired by our action and reaffirmed our beliefs that the greek police were some of the most horrendous scumbags in the world. we also managed to get a lend of a scissors from the embassy secretary to cut down our banners, which didnt seem to please the (possible-very shady lot those greek diplomats-) ambassador.
so after the whole thing we returned home to hear the great news that they had finally been released.
so this is just a message of joy, support and solidarity with the (ex)prisoners and their thousands of brothers and sisters outside......

anarchy, equality, peace(after the cops die)!

magpie collective
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